Insider of Louisiana Renewable Energy Program

Louisiana Renewable Energy Program

Like most major utility companies in the United States, those in Louisiana haven’t always embraced the idea of tapping into renewable energy sources.

Propelled by a 2010 pilot program approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), however, reluctant power companies are finally making measurable gains toward enhancing the state’s renewable energy portfolio.

According to The Times-Picayune, LPSC launched the program over two years ago in an effort to prepare for potential mandates from the state and/or federal governments.

Although it made little gains initially, progress is beginning to pick up, and utility companies are hopeful that the initiative could facilitate promising investments in renewable energy technologies like wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass solutions.

Louisiana isn’t the only state making noticeable strides toward energy independence.

North Carolina has increased its renewable energy investments thirteen times over since 2007 and projects that 12.5% of its electricity consumption will come from renewable sources by 2021.

Indiana is also making impressive advancements and is now the third fastest growing state in terms of wind power capabilities.


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