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What Does a Construction Manager Do?

Construction manager

Everywhere you look, construction projects are underway – bridges, airports, schools, apartments, highways, hospitals, sports arenas. How do these complex projects come to fruition? Behind each one, there’s a qualified Construction Manager. From blueprints to ribbon cutting, the Construction Manager makes sure the project goes smoothly and finishes on time….

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6 Project Management Methodologies Explained

At Everglades University, we want to completely equip our students with the information they need to succeed in their field. Many of our students are interested in being a project manager, so we’ve shown you how to get into project management, and the typical stages of the project management process….

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5 Stages Of The Project Management Process

We’ve discussed in detail how to get into project management, but what now? After you have delved into the world of project management, it’s good to look ahead to your future working on projects. What will that look like? Let’s look into the project management process. Project Lifecycle The details…

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Try These 6 Construction Management Software Free

In the industry of construction management, having all the right tools and knowing how to use them is important for success. Certainly, the right education is one of the biggest tools you can utilize, either with undergraduate or furthering your education even more with graduate school. Also, our last blog…

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10 Must-Read Construction Management Books

crisis management degree

One of the keys to being successful in any career is to research as much as you can. This research includes everything from the basics to what it takes to make it in that field. You can look almost anywhere for the information you’re looking for, but for most fields…

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How to Get into Project Management?

So you want to get into project management but don’t know where to start? Or, are you doing more research to see if a career in project management is for you? We’re here to show you what you’ll need to make a career as a project manager. Project management is…

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10 Stunning Renewable Energy Facts

Each and every day that passes we face more and more of a threat from the current state our of world’s climate. Too many people have a cavalier attitude towards climate change, too many absurdly don’t believe in it or too many simply don’t care. Whatever it may be, things…

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What Are The Major Causes of Airplane Accidents?

airplane accidents

Flying. A mode of travel that has imposed fear in countless people since the wright brothers first took lift off back in 1903. Fast forward over a hundred years and people are still terrified of flying and rightfully so. There’s something unnatural about moving at over 450 mph at 39,000…

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A Guide To The Different Types of Drones

If you told me 20 years ago that Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are going to be a thing I would’ve been extremely hesitant on believing you. Fast forward two decades and Unmanned Aerial Systems have become a revolutionary ground-breaking invention that possess many beneficial applications. These Unmanned Aerial Systems, better…

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Preparing For The Worst with The Four Phases of Emergency Management

four phases of emergency management

“Emergency response and recovery starts locally and with plans/strategies and engagement of all the relevant partners. To the extent that communications were and are good, and pre-existed prior to the disaster, then the success of the various agency responses and mobilization will only be as good as the working relationships…

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