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Meet the Faculty at Everglades University

Everglades University is very privileged to have leading professionals in their fields of expertise teaching our students. We are excited to offer you a video introduction to many of these instructors who we hope you will meet in person on graduation day.

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Eva Shoop Shafer, Ph D

Chee Piong, Ph D

Mishka Jett, M A

Keith Bycholski, Ph D

John Donnelly, M B A

Janis Davis, D C

Arthur Raggio, D C

Larry Ladd, Ph D

Michael Dausel, M A S

Jacqueline Hine, M E

Moutaz Anou Ronieh, D B A

Richard Trottier, M A

Frank Zaremba, M B A

Elka Ivanova, M S

Jeff Boyer, M S

Tammy Good, M S C M

Lawrence Klosky, D C

Juan Perez, M S

Monica McPherson, Ph D

Andrea Goldstein, Ph D

John Paul Garzaniti, D B A

Vural Buyukozturk, Ph D

Andrea Barsky, M A

David Smith, MS

Diane Ferel, MS

Gregory Cecil, MAS

Judith Thompson, ND

Karen Scotti, DC