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Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Security

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The curriculum of Everglades University is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Aviation/Aerospace that can include an area of Concentration. The program provides the aviation professional with an extensive academic background to complement his/her aviation technical background whether it is in Air Traffic Control, Aviation Maintenance, Flight Operations, Dispatch Operations through verified FAA Certifications or Military Aviation Operations. Individuals not holding FAA Certifications will be able to complete the program with required coursework. The program provides a solid general education combined with the flexibility for coursework covering a wide range of specific aviation courses and a strong line-up of management courses.


The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Aviation/Aerospace combines communication, analytical and technical skills used in the aviation/aerospace industry, as well as a general education component, and can include an area of concentration. Concentration areas include aviation safety, flight operations, management, aviation maintenance management, aviation operations management, or security. The degree prepares graduates for entry into and advancement within the diverse field of aviation specific to their desires and industry needs. Graduates will be prepared to meet the challenges of the diverse and dynamic aviation industry.


The Concentration in Aviation Security is designed for individuals seeking a degree focused on detection, response, and prevention of tactics and practices within aviation which may result in loss of life and property and disrupt the safe flow of passengers and cargo.


The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Aviation/Aerospace includes a concentration which provides the opportunity for graduates to broaden their knowledge of the aviation industry based on a selected area of study. The program also enhances graduates use of aviation/aerospace analytical and communication skills to obtain an understanding of general aviation/aerospace principles, laws and regulations, operations as well as specific skills and knowledge based on their concentration selected.


To receive a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Aviation/Aerospace, students must complete 123 credits as described below. The length of the program is approximately 41 months (this will vary if a student transfers in credits).

Airline Management 3.0 credit hours
Aviation Insurance and Risk Management 3.0 credit hours
FBO and Flight School Management 3.0 credit hours
Corporate Aviation Operations 3.0 credit hours
Aviation Labor Relations 3.0 credit hours
Aviation Human Factors 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Space 3.0 credit hours
 Business Ethics 3.0 credit hours
 Airport Planning 3.0 credit hours
 Aviation Safety 3.0 credit hours
 Critical Thinking in Business 3.0 credit hours
 Writing for Managers 3.0 credit hours
 Project Management 3.0 credit hours
 Aviation Capstone Course 3.0 credit hours

History of Aviation 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Aeronautics 3.0 credit hours
Aviation Law and Regulations 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Sustainability 3.0 credit hours

Interdisciplinary Studies 1 3.0 credit hours
Interdisciplinary Studies 2 3.0 credit hours
Interdisciplinary Studies 3 3.0 credit hours
Interdisciplinary Studies 4 3.0 credit hours
Interdisciplinary Studies 5 3.0 credit hours
Interdisciplinary Studies 6 3.0 credit hours
Interdisciplinary Studies 7 3.0 credit hours
Air Traffic Control 3.0 credit hours
Airport Management 3.0 credit hours
Principles of Supervision 3.0 credit hours
Federal Aviation Regulations 3.0 credit hours
Emergency Preparedness and Response 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Crisis and Disaster Management 3.0 credit hours
Terrorism and Homeland Security 3.0 credit hours

*The IDS courses allow credit for appropriate prior learning. FAA Certifications and Ratings, Aviation, Management, Physical Science, Statistics, and Marketing are commonly accepted disciplines for transfer credit into this degree major. Additional courses may be evaluated and accepted at the discretion of the Dean of Academic Affairs or Associate Dean.

Introduction to Aviation Security 3.0 credit hours
Airport Security 3.0 credit hours
Corporate Security 3.0 credit hours
National Security Issues and Terrorism 3.0 credit hours
Counterterrorism and Aviation 3.0 credit hours
Aviation and Airport Security 3.0 credit hours

English ( 6 Credit Hours )
English Composition I 3.0 credit hours
English Composition II 3.0 credit hours
Mathematics ( 6 Credit Hours )
College Algebra 3.0 credit hours
College Math 3.0 credit hours
Computers ( 3 Credit Hours )
Introduction to Computers 3.0 credit hours
Humanities / Fine Arts ( 3 Credit Hours )
American Literature 3.0 credit hours
Communications ( 3 Credit Hours )
Speech Communication 3.0 credit hours
Behavioral / Social Science ( 6 Credit Hours )
Introduction to Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Political Science 3.0 credit hours
Natural Science ( 3 Credit Hours )
Fundamentals of Nutrition 3.0 credit hours

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