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Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Management

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Program Length:
41 Months

Number of Credits:

The curriculum is designed to allow students to acquire a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Management, as well as to prepare them for entry-level positions in the field. This degree focuses on the issues, skills and topics needed to succeed in managing all aspects of this dynamic industry.


The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Management provides students with a broad background in fundamental business and management skills, including marketing, operations, and human resources. The program emphasizes knowledge in leisure programming, community engagement, recreation, and tourism. Graduates will be employable in positions that direct, supervise or design recreation and leisure programming. The program is designed to provide graduates with the business and management skills needed to be successful leaders and managers in such businesses as amusement or theme parks, hospitality, tourism, and resorts.


Students earning the Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Management will attain abilities to understand the business and management aspects of the recreation and leisure industry, including high levels of learning in communication, critical thinking, marketing, operations, and team and project management. Students will also learn to design programs and experiences with an emphasis in the private sector of the hospitality field as it relates to the leisure and recreation industry, including tourism and community considerations.


To receive a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Management, students must complete 123 credits as described below. The length of this program is approximately 41 months (this will vary if a student transfers in credits).

CGS3302C Management Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
ENC3213 Writing for Managers 3.0 credit hours
GEB3934 Critical Thinking in Business 3.0 credit hours
HFT3240 Effective Customer Service 3.0 credit hours
HFT3314 Facilities Planning and Management 3.0 credit hours
LEI3332 Business Management in Parks, Recreation and Tourism 3.0 credit hours
LEI3442 Leisure Programming 3.0 credit hours
LEI3564 Parks, Recreation and Tourism Marketing 3.0 credit hours
LEI3630 Designing Parks and Recreation Experiences 3.0 credit hours
LEI4332 Community Planning and Engagement 3.0 credit hours
LEI4418 Contemporary Issues in Recreation and Tourism 3.0 credit hours
MAN3151 Relationship Management 3.0 credit hours
MAN3504 Operations Management 3.0 credit hours
MAN4045 Effective Team Management 3.0 credit hours
MAN4301 Human Resources Management 3.0 credit hours
MAN4582 Project Management 3.0 credit hours
MAR3023 Marketing Management 3.0 credit hours
LEI4950 Parks, Recreation and Leisure Management Capstone Course 3.0 credit hours

ACG2001 Accounting Principles I 3.0 credit hours
BCN1014 Introduction to Sustainability 3.0 credit hours
HFT1000 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3.0 credit hours
LEI1000 Recreation and Tourism in Modern Society 3.0 credit hours
MAR1011 Introduction to Marketing 3.0 credit hours
HFT2756 Theme Park Management 3.0 credit hours

IDS1021 Interdisciplinary Studies 1 3.0 credit hours
IDS1022 Interdisciplinary Studies 2 3.0 credit hours
IDS1023 Interdisciplinary Studies 3 3.0 credit hours
IDS1024 Interdisciplinary Studies 4 3.0 credit hours
IDS1025 Interdisciplinary Studies 5 3.0 credit hours
IDS1026 Interdisciplinary Studies 6 3.0 credit hours
IDS1027 Interdisciplinary Studies 7 3.0 credit hours
CGS3362C Organization and Technology of Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
COM2134 Negotiation Communications 3.0 credit hours
GEB1011 Principles of Business 3.0 credit hours
HFT2410 Front of the House 3.0 credit hours
MAN1021 Principles of Management 3.0 credit hours
MAN2163 Customer Relationship Management 3.0 credit hours
MAN2345 Principles of Supervision 3.0 credit hours

* The IDS courses allow credit for appropriate prior learning. Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Public Policy, Environmental Science, Sustainability, Natural Sciences, and Biological Sciences are commonly accepted disciplines for transfer credit into this degree major. Additional courses may be evaluated and accepted at the discretion of the Dean of Academic Affairs or Associate Dean.

English (6 Credit Hours)
ENC1101 English Composition I 3.0 credit hours
ENC2102 English Composition II 3.0 credit hours
Computer (3 Credit Hours)
CGS1060C Introduction to Computer Applications 3.0 credit hours
Communication (3 Credit Hours)
SPC1017 Speech 3.0 credit hours
Humanities / Fine Arts (3 Credit Hours)
AML1000 American Literature 3.0 credit hours
Math (6 Credit Hours)
MAC1105 College Algebra 3.0 credit hours
MGF2106 College Math (or Math courses equivalent or higher) 3.0 credit hours
STA2014 Statistics (required) 3.0 credit hours
Social Science (3 Credit Hours)
POS1041 Political Science 3.0 credit hours
Natural Science (3 Credit Hours)
HUN1201 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3.0 credit hours
Behavioral Science (3 Credit Hours)
PSY1012 Introduction to Psychology 3.0 credit hours

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