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Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship

All degree programs are offered online and on campus.

Capstone courses are available.

With a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship becomes a much more feasible option for graduates as it gives them the skills and credibility they need to compete in today’s global marketplace. In this degree program, students will explore basic business fundamentals as well as current industry trends while taking courses such as Leadership Skills for Managers, Strategic Sales and Marketing Management, Entrepreneurial Innovation and Technology, and Global Business Ventures among related classes.

An Entrepreneurship Capstone Course will culminate the program, enabling students to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise gained throughout their coursework. Students must have completed a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a related field in order to be eligible for the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship program.

This post-graduate program is available 100% online or at one of our beautiful locations: Orlando, Sarasota, Boca Raton, and Tampa.

Program Objectives:

The curriculum is designed to allow the student to acquire a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship as well as prepare him/her for a career as an Entrepreneur. The program leading to the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship focuses on the behaviors and attributes required to operate successfully within the entrepreneurial environment.

The Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship provides a challenging learning environment with an emphasis on entrepreneurial theories and practice for students of diverse backgrounds.

This program provides students with the skills needed to understand the risks and rewards associated with developing a working model from which to start an innovative business venture. Graduates of the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship will be able to analyze various models and demonstrate effective decision making practices.

To receive a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship students must complete 36 credit hours as described below.

Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship Courses ( 36.0 credit hours )
Entrepreneurship 3.0 credit hours
Leadership Skills for Managers 3.0 credit hours
Strategic Sales and Marketing Management 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Organizational Behavior 3.0 credit hours
Accounting for Entrepreneurs 3.0 credit hours
Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage 3.0 credit hours
Marketing Management 3.0 credit hours
Entrepreneurial Innovation and Technology 3.0 credit hours
Managerial Finance 3.0 credit hours
New Venture Creation 3.0 credit hours
Global Business Ventures 3.0 credit hours
Entrepreneurship Capstone Course 3.0 credit hours
Total Credits Required As Described Above 36 Credits

Note: All programs are offered online and/or on campus.