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Everglades University Reviews and Testimonials

Tammy L. Vroom
Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine
Graduate, 2013

Everglades University offered me the opportunity to continue my studies in Alternative Medicine. I am in a wheel chair and live in a different state. Everglades University is the only college accepted in all fifty states for this type of degree. I would recommend it to anyone that needed or wanted to further their knowledge or studies to gain employment. The classes are interactive, the work is up to the individual and it is motivational for the person to make a difference in their lives. The staff is great, very informative and helpful. There were times where I had anxiety about the classes and tests. The staff helped me work through it and the teachers are all top notch. I would recommend this college for those who want to get ahead in life.

Tony Moussa
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
Graduate 2013

I worked full time as a Junior Estimator while I was working towards my degree at EU. As classes progressed, what I was learning in class were starting to come together at work; while I reviewed plans, dealt with subcontractors and clients, and created budgets. My progress continued at EU and simultaneously at work. Library assignments and projects helped me understand the importance of creating a strong structural base for the information I would convey. They also helped me become more efficient, as I began to utilize templates to assist me in my projects in school. I translated this into templates that I could use for work. Now I am completing work in 3 hours that would normally take 2 to 3 days to compose, calculate, and compute. Within two months of graduation, I received a promotion to a Senior Estimator position and a substantial increase in pay. EU provided me with a lot more than a degree. They provided me with a key to success. I would like to thank EU for the strong base of knowledge and skills to succeed in the construction field.

Edith Kaplan
Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine
June 2013

In 2010, after having been out of school since 1973, I decided to return to college to complete my degree. I called, met with an Admissions Counselor and one week later was in my first class. I graduated summa cum laude in May 2013, shortly before my 73rd birthday. My experience at EU was exciting, rewarding and empowering. Today I am more confident than ever and always hungry for more knowledge. Thank you, Everglades University, for a great experience.

Marco Workman
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology
Graduate, 2013

Everglades University Online affords me the opportunity to earn a valuable education for my job as well as the ability to spend time with my family. It is so much easier being able to attend school at my own pace without wasting considerable time driving to and from a campus. The faculty and staff made the transition to college life simple and have always been there in a timely manner to answer any questions that may arise. Not only has it been easy to attend the classes and submit assignments, but I have also gained knowledge about some of the subject matter that has helped me in my field, along with providing my children an understanding of a valued education.

The instructors are very knowledgeable in their fields and use real-world scenarios to teach their students. This has allowed me to take the knowledge that I have gained from class and transition it to my own line of work as an aircraft mechanic. I have seen how things should be done and made efforts to make my company better with suggestions and learning tools I gained from the curriculum.

Sandra Michael
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
Graduate, 2012

My experience at EU from the very beginning was full of support and encouragement. The thought of going back to school at my age after so many years was a little overwhelming at times. My Admissions Counselor and the Construction Department Chair encouraged me every step of the way and helped me believe that I could achieve my dream.

Michael Rivers
Bachelor of Science in Applied Management
Graduate, 2013

Going to Everglades University was the best decision I made toward reaching my education goals. The staff was excellent in helping me prepare for the future. I really had a great experience in pursuit of my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management.

Robert Rannie
Bachelor of Science in Alternative and Renewable Energy Management
Graduate, 2014

Having a family, being in the military and constantly moving around the world has made it almost impossible to go to a regular college to pursue my degree. As I began my transition from the military, I realized that in order to find a job that pays enough to maintain my family and their needs, I would need to get a bachelor’s degree or better. The staff and faculty here at Everglades University allowed me to fulfill a dream that’s been at least 25 years in the making. The instructors have real world experience and know how to apply it to the topic made the material easy to grasp and relate it to my life and experiences which I believe is a formula for success. This creates an environment that encourages students to just not want to learn, but to excel as well.

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney
Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship
Graduate, 2013

From Allied Medicine to Business was a big jump. My professors made it comfortable and fun. Using what I learned, I could see how bad my massage business had become and closed it. In my classes, we had been taught the proper way to work a business. With 4 books out in 3 different forms of media, I would say my publishing business has picked up. I worked hard but, it was all worth it. I am happy to be an Everglades University Alumni.