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Blackboard Learning Platform

Blackboard is Southeastern Institute’s online platform and learning management system. Blackboard gives students the opportunity to continue education in an online learning delivery system. Blackboard can be accessed through a computer at the link below, or via tablet or smart phone by downloading the app.

In the case of campus closures, all courses will continue via Blackboard with uninterrupted access to professors and electronic textbooks.

The Blackboard Support Page

For those who might need a refresher on Blackboard, The Everglades University Library Blog’s Blackboard Support page might be just what’s needed.  Through The Blackboard Support Page, all Everglades University Students will get a chance to view five step access instructions, 6 tutorial videos on the various features which matter the most, information on Smarthinking Single Sign On through Blackboard, and information for back-end tech support. In order to view The Blackboard Support Page, please check out the following link as seen below.

You may also follow the steps provided in this instruction document

How to Login to Blackboard | Students

 To log in to Southeastern Institute Blackboard platform, students should use the same credentials they use to log in to Office 365 and the Southeastern student portal.

  1. Students who have not yet logged into Office 365 should do so here using the following credentials:
  • Username: Full student email address
  • Password: Student Number or ID
  1. Students who have logged into Office 365, but are having trouble logging should reset their password:
  1. If you are still having trouble logging in, please make sure to clear your browser cache and browsing history.

How to Login to Blackboard | Faculty

Faculty members will be required to change their Office 365 password every 60 days. Note that this will not change your Blackboard or Faculty Portal passwords.

If you need to reset your Faculty Blackboard password, please email [email protected].


Please utilize the following resources if you are having troubles logging into blackboard:

We are here to ensure that your Academic Experience is streamlined with our vast selection of online library and academic resources.  Please contact your campus team for assistance.

Thank you!

Download the Blackboard Learn App

Download the Blackboard Learn mobile app and never miss important course updates.

Blackboard Support