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Quick Start Guide

  • Education website –
  • Technical Requirements – make sure you read all of the information on this page. If you don’t have IE (Internet Explorer 6.0-8.0) you will need to download a free copy of it. The download time will vary depending on your internet speed connection, but it may take up to 50 or 60 minutes. The Technical Requirements page has the links to download all of the FREE necessary software.
  • AOL Members – see “Technical Requirements” page for more information. VERY IMPORTANT. Use AOL just to connect to the Internet, then minimize the AOL browser and use Internet Explorer to go to your course. See the Mini Orientation to get more help with that.
  • Help with Technical issues contact Help Desk at 1-877-479-1640 or Email [email protected]
  • First time in Course, what to do – view the Syllabus by clicking on the “Syllabus” button. Print it out for future reference.
  • Announcements – open and read them daily.
  • Check your email at least once a day. Maybe your instructor sent you an important message.
  • Journal Entry – if your assignment includes a Journal Entry it is advisable to compose your assignment in Word, then copy and paste it inside the Journal box. Make sure that after completing Journal entry, you select the “Share with Instructor” option. See instructions in your course.
  • Dropbox – when turning in an assignment via the Dropbox it is advisable to compose your assignment in Word, then copy and paste it inside the dropbox or attach the document. Make sure that you match your assignment to the proper title in the dropbox basket. See instructions in your course.
  • Grade Comments – click on the grade itself and the Comments Pop-up box appears. Some instructors will post comments in your gradebook or journal.
  • Units will be locked after a period of time, therefore it’s advisable to download or print any presentation, document or lecture posted by your instructor for future use in other course units. See instructions in your course.
  • Document Sharing Download – Click on the file, if the file opens up, go ahead and save it. If a popup box appears, select SAVE FILE or OPEN FILE.
  • Document Sharing Upload – Click on the “Upload” button, select “Share file with instructor only“, then click on “Browse“, select file to be uploaded, click open. Finally click on “Upload file“.
  • Quizzes – Make sure you click “Submit” after you finish a test. Otherwise your instructor will not receive it.
  • NEVER go into a quiz until you are ready to take it, or you may receive a “0”.