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4 Things to Look for in a Good MPH School | Everglades University

Public health administrators meeting to discuss projects.

Public Health professionals boost their community’s health and respond to health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Choosing the right MPH school can be difficult and time-consuming. These programs usually take one year and may have high tuition costs without scholarships or grants. It is a big decision for many students and their families. Finding the right MPH school can mean weeks or months of research.

However, public health is a rapidly growing field that provides professionals with stability, the chance to help others, and a solid way into the highly lucrative medical industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics data projects a 13% increase in health educators and community health workers’ job outlook. Public health professionals often work as organizers, communicators, administrators, and educators. 

The institutions that hire these men and women include government agencies, NGOs, and private organizations. 

Keep reading to find out what qualities to look for in a good MPH school.

1. Small Class Size

small study group at an mph school

A smaller class size can help improve performance

Popular wisdom says that there is a negative relationship between larger class sizes and grades. Studies show evidence that students perform a lot better when there are fewer students in their class.

Some of the benefits of smaller class sizes include:

  • Individualized attention
  • Closer relationships with classmates
  • Better discussions

1. Individualized attention

One of the most significant and least used benefits of in-person learning is professor office hours. Students often forget how influential and connected professors are within any given field. Public health administration is no exception. The public health professors at Everglades University are veterans of the area with decades of experience and connections. Attending office hours with some regularity can mean the difference between getting connected with your future boss and missing the chance.  

2. Relationships with classmates

Professors are not the only helpful connection you can make in college. Many of the world’s most successful people attribute a large part of their success to the peers they met while getting their degree. Relationships made at the master’s level, in particular, can serve as a springboard for your career. 

Public health administration masters who graduate from Everglades University can expect their college connections to serve as a powerful springboard for their career. 

3. Better discussions

Since the days of Socrates, Western society has championed productive discussion between opposing points of view. Although large lecture halls (or their online equivalent) can also lead to practical talks between students and professors, more often than not, it leads to uncomfortable silences. This may seem ironic and counterintuitive since large classes have more people who could engage in a productive discussion. Still, the diffusion of responsibility in social psychology can explain this.

The more people are in your class, the less accountability there is for each individual. That means the more people are in your class, the less individual pressure you will feel about participating while simultaneously feeling more aversion to raising your hand due to the volume of people who might criticize what you have to say. 

2. Online Classroom Availability

online teacher and student in front of a computer

In today’s complex world, having the ability to study online can help make education more accessible

Like the MPH program at Everglades University, many programs today offer in-person, online, and hybrid courses that combine the two. In today’s world, online degree programs are necessary due to the increased need for flexibility and a new post-pandemic way of learning. No longer are students required to commute to-and-from school, find nearby accommodations, and have a strict schedule of when they need to attend classes.

One of the best benefits of studying at Everglades University is that all degree programs are available in-person and online; this includes master’s programs. For busy professionals, parents, or those who live in a different state, this is incredibly convenient. 

Whether you’re sure that you want to study in person or you’re still deciding what method of learning you prefer best, this is a factor that you don’t want to overlook when deciding on schools.

3. Ratings and Accreditations

It is also essential to consider the ratings and accreditation of a prospective MPH school.

Everglades University is a 2020 Best College by Money Magazine and It came in as #2 for Top Performing schools on Social Mobility by 2020 US News and World Report Best Colleges. 

US News and World Report for Best Colleges is a widely respected certification that judges colleges and universities based on a wide variety of factors.

These include:

  • average federal loan debt
  • campus life
  • alumni reviews
  • demographics
  • financial aid policies
  • application requirements


MPH schools with a high ranking from the US News and World Report should immediately get your attention.

4. Experienced and Highly-Rated Faculty

Students study together at a table

Having high-quality professors makes an enormous difference for college students.

While any university places importance on having high-quality professors, you’ll want to ensure that the faculty will provide you with the best learning experience as a prospective college student.

How do you learn more about the faculty and student experience?

One option is to browse testimonials from alumni and current students who share their experiences – particularly those who have studied your program of interest. At Everglades University, you can explore our testimonial page to learn more about what student life is like. 

You can also visit the school’s social media pages to learn more about different campus events and activities.

You’ll also want to review the MPH program page of the school you’re interested in and see what kind of curriculum is available and what the outcomes are of the program.

How to Get Started

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of healthcare occupations will grow 14% by 2028. You do not have to go to med school to benefit from this trend. Everglades University helps you assist others with our industry-accredited Masters in Public Health Administration program

Find out how you can join this surging industry that proactively fights disease and illness by requesting more information or applying online.