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What Does a Construction Manager Do?

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

The construction industry is expected to continue growing. Everywhere you turn, there are signs of new development: bridges arching over waterways, airports expanding to accommodate more travelers, schools rising to meet educational demands, apartment complexes sprouting up to house growing populations, highways stretching farther than ever, hospitals widening their doors…

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What Jobs can you get with an Aviation Management Degree?

Aviation Management Degree Careers

Are you interested in a dynamic role within the aviation industry? Consider pursuing an Aviation Management Degree. This degree integrates aviation studies with essential management and business insights, preparing you for various roles in the industry. By enrolling in an Aviation Management Degree program, you’ll develop skills in managerial accounting,…

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Jobs You Can Do with a Degree in Healthcare Administration

What Can You Do with a Degree in Healthcare Administration

Selecting a university that will set you up for future success is important, but so is selecting the right major. For many people intending to go into the healthcare field, a comprehensive degree program in healthcare administration can open the right doors. There are seemingly endless opportunities with a robust…

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How Useful Are Business Degrees?

Useful Business Degrees

Many students know that their passion lies in business: building something that generates revenue for them month after month or helping advance the ranks of corporate leadership. The problem is that not all business programs are created equal. Your business major in college sets the stage for your future career…

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Why Everglades University in Tampa is Shaping Education

University in Tampa

Are you looking for serious academic programs in the Tampa Bay area? This growing city is filled with serious students, all looking to make a difference in the world. Choosing the right school should be about more than a beach volleyball team or a popularity contest. It should be about…

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Is a Degree in Construction Management Worth It?

is a degree in construction management worth it?

In today’s diverse academic landscape, students are presented with a multitude of degree options, making the choice of a major both exciting and daunting. For those with a passion for building and design, a construction management degree from Everglades University stands out as a prime selection. This program is specifically…

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What’s the Difference Between Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees?

difference between undergraduate and graduate

Understanding the real difference between undergraduate and graduate degrees is crucial for students navigating the complex landscape of university education. Although these terms may appear similar at first glance, they are intricately linked to different stages and facets of academic progression. Starting with the essentials, an undergraduate degree represents the…

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Benefits of Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine everglades university

Alternative medicine has been playing a large role in the healing industry for centuries, and its popularity is showing no sign of slowing down. The numerous benefits directly linked with alternative or natural medicine have created a wave of interest, especially in the Western world, that seems to continue to…

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In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, one institution has consistently risen to the occasion and demonstrated outstanding leadership and growth. Everglades University, led by President Kristi Mollis for the past 21 years, has achieved remarkable milestones that have transformed it into a prominent educational institution in South Florida and…

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The Importance of Coastal Management in Florida

coastal management degree

Maintaining coastal ecosystems should be a topic of real concern for students who live in Florida and around the world. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 40 percent of people in the United States live on the coast. We should all be concerned about preserving our landscapes.  Climates…

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