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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Academic Adjustment & Accommodations Procedures

A student desiring an academic adjustment/accommodation must submit current documentation as required by the Criteria for Disability Documentation  to the Campus Vice President. The documentation should state, as determined by an appropriate licensed professional, what reasonable adjustments/accommodations are needed by the student. Academic adjustments/accommodations may be requested by following the review/verification process described below:

  1. In addition to the required disability documentation, the following forms can be completed at any time during a student’s enrollment in Everglades University:
    1. Disability Registration Agreement
    2. Confidentiality Statement
    3. Request for Adjustments/Accommodations 

All forms must be signed and submitted to the Campus Vice President.

  1. Once the appropriate forms and disability documentation have been received by the Campus Vice President and procedurally verified, the student’s written request for adjustments/ accommodations is forwarded to the Accommodations Review Committee (ARC) for approval. The Campus Vice President will retain a copy of all relevant documentation in the student’s file
  2. Everglades University’s Accommodations Review Committee will engage in an interactive process with the student regarding what accommodations/academic adjustments are needed. The student will be contacted prior to the ARC determination to ensure that the student is involved in the process that determines what services, if any, the student is to receive.
  3. The student will receive written notification of the decision reached by the ARC within 5 business days of receipt of the student’s signed and dated forms requesting accommodation or adjustment. If approved, it is required that the student meet with the ARC Committee and Dean of Academic Affairs to review, verify, and document ARC findings and the academic adjustments/ accommodation The student will receive the approved accommodation or adjustment within 5 business days* of the ARC’s meeting. This established procedure is to ensure proper and timely disbursement of auxiliary aids and/or academic adjustments to students with disabilities.

Resubmission Procedure

Students who are denied adjustments/ accommodations due to a lack of sufficient documentation of their disabilities may resubmit their requests when they have additional documentation.

Grievance Procedure:

Students who have been deemed ineligible for adjustments/accommodations have the right to file a grievance with Everglades University. The grievance procedures are described in the Everglades University Catalog.

*Students are provided the approved accommodation or adjustment following the ARC meeting, unless specialized accommodation/adjustment/equipment needs to be ordered and received by the student or University, not to exceed 30 business days. In the interim the University will provide alternative reasonable supplemental or substitute accommodations where possible to the student pending receipt of the specialized accommodations or equipment. Every effort will be made to provide the approved accommodation or adjustment as expeditiously as possible.

When adjustments/accommodations have been approved by the ARC, either the Campus Vice President or the Dean has the responsibility to initiate a meeting with each Instructor of Record and the student to ensure adjustments/ accommodations are provided. Such adjustments/ accommodations will be documented on the Approved Course Adjustments/Accommodations form. This meeting will occur prior to the beginning of each term and a new approval form will be completed with the forthcoming Instructor of record.

If a student encounters difficulties with an Instructor or other University personnel regarding adjustments/accommodations, the student should bring the difficulties to the attention of the Campus Vice President. If the Campus Vice President is unable to resolve said difficulties, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will be brought into the discussion to assist with a resolution.