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AquaGrove Takes Aquaponics Off-Grid at EU - Everglades University

AquaGrove Takes Aquaponics Off-Grid at Everglades University

Aquaponics is changing the way we think about gardening, water conservation and use of land – all real factors when it comes to the future of food security. For this reason, AquaGrovehas developed an innovative aquaponics system that allows users to grow their favorite fruits and vegetables (and fish) in one very small footprint, and in nearly any climate or season. With AquaGrove’s latest project launched at Everglades University in Sarasota, Florida in April 2019, aquaponics was taken to the next level of sustainability by going off-grid; inclusive of expanded grow beds and solar power, Everglades University’s sustainability program operates an impressive aquaponics system with pumps and grow lights that are run solely by the power of the sun.

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