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Best Job Opportunities in the Aviation industry| Everglades University

Flying the friendly skies as a pilot is just one of the many job opportunities available in the aviation industry. An entire army of professionals works on planes and in the airports and hangars in supporting roles. It takes a village to keep an aircraft updated and well maintained, clear the airways for safe flights, and ensure that passengers are happy. 

Students interested in the aviation industry often wonder, “Which degree program in aviation management should I go for?” The answer all depends on your likes and interests in the world of aviation. Everglades University offers an online program that allows you to earn your degree no matter where you live. Learn more about the best job opportunities in the aviation industry and how you can land a career you love.


Concentrations Available With an Online Aviation Degree 

Everglades University understands the vast importance of choosing a specific option in the aviation industry. The following concentrations are available for online degrees through EU.

Aviation Maintenance Management

Keeping machinery in good working order is vital to the aviation industry’s safety. Students who hold an Airframe/Power-plant credential, and want to work in aviation, often choose the aviation maintenance management concentration. This allows students to use their FAA certifications while earning an Everglades University aviation degree.

Aviation Operations Management

There are many moving parts when handling planes, flights, and passengers. A concentration in Aviation Operations Management allows students to learn about the necessary skills and procedures when managing the daily operations of an airport.

Aviation Safety

Students who hope to learn more about solid aviation practices and knowledge choose aviation safety as their concentration. With this, you’ll learn to keep planes as safe as possible, so passengers get where they need to go.

Aviation Security

Safety is the #1 priority for the aviation industry post 9/11. The aviation security concentration allows students to learn and earn a degree that focuses on detecting, responding, and preventing security threats to the plane, cargo, and passengers.

Flight Operations

Students who already have pilot credentials with Commercial Instrument Multi-Engine ratings often choose the flight operations concentration. This allows these pilots to capitalize on their FAA certifications to earn an academic degree.

A concentration in flight operations works for pilots who plan to fly commercially or in the private sector.


Students who love aviation and business should choose the management concentration. This option allows students to take management and aviation courses to run an airline in the future.


Aviation Jobs Available With a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation

There are plenty of job options available after earning a bachelor’s degree in aviation from Everglades University. 

Air Traffic Controller

Every airport requires the direction of a competent air traffic controller. These aviation professionals help keep the flow of airplane traffic on schedule. Their most significant concern is safety, as they communicate with pilots and keep many essential factors in mind while watching the radar. 

Air traffic controllers must be well organized, communicate with others, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. It is important to note that FAA regulations require that you must be 30 years of age or less when starting a career as an air traffic controller. 

Dispatch Operations Manager

Setting a timetable and schedule for all incoming and outgoing flights involves the daily duties of a dispatch operations manager. This person works for an airline and is in close contact with local airports involving when the planes will be available for flights. If you like putting out fires (in the theoretical sense), this may be the job for you as it also involves coordinating food, hotels, and other issues that cause flight delays for crew members. Flight Operations Manager:

A lot of scheduling and organization is needed to arrange flights, crew, and maintenance for any airline. Flight Operations Managers work for an airline in managing the flights available and who will pilot and work on those flights. Flight Operations Managers act much like an HR department in an office since they are also responsible for hiring, firing, and training employees. Flight Operations Managers oversee flight operations employees and the need for more people in this position is estimated to grow at 6% through 2028.

Maintenance Manager

Do you love working with your hands? Do you also love the aviation industry and ensuring that every system is ready to fly? If so, becoming a maintenance manager may just be your ideal career. Aircraft maintenance managers oversee all maintenance workers who evaluate and manage the planes themselves. This job is critical because it ensures that the aircraft is safe to fly. Maintenance managers have prior skills working on airplanes. What Can You Do With an Aviation Degree

Earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a major in Aviation/Aerospace at Everglades University opens many doors for your future career. You can pick the concentration that interests you and then move up in your career with the knowledge and credentials associated with an advanced degree. From management to air traffic control to working with employees or airports, several aviation jobs are ready and waiting for you! 

Landing a job in the aviation industry is an incredibly satisfying and rewarding career. Not only can you work for multiple airlines, but the location possibilities are endless. Both major and minor cities all over the country have an airport. Earning an online aviation degree from Everglades University is a great starting point for your future career. If you’re still wondering what you can do with an aviation degree, contact Everglades University today!

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