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4 Things to Look for in a Good MPH School

Public health administrators meeting to discuss projects.

Public Health professionals boost their community’s health and respond to health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Choosing the right MPH school can be difficult and time-consuming. These programs usually take one year and may have high tuition costs without scholarships or grants. It is a big decision for many students…

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What Are the Best Majors for Entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur holding her laptop while at her business.

When choosing the best majors for entrepreneurs, it is essential to look at what the final goal is for the student. Some students will want to start their own company, while others may be using their degree to give them a step up in their current job. In the United…

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What are the Benefits of a Master’s Degree?

Man studies book at a table

If you’ve been in your career for any amount of time, you’ve probably thought about going back to school to earn your master’s degree. Often, professionals see the limitations that a bachelor’s degree holds and that a master’s degree is usually required for further advancement. Having a master’s degree opens…

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Crisis and Disaster Management?

crisis management degree

If you’ve always been fascinated by first responders, disaster relief organizations, and search and rescue teams, you might be considering a disaster or crisis management degree. But before you leap, you need to know what opportunities you’ll have once you graduate. Fortunately, it’s an excellent time to join this field….

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What are the Best Entrepreneur Careers in 2021?

A smiling young male entrepreneur leans on a white conference table during a meeting.

Do you find yourself gravitating towards always wanting to start something new? Do you get excited about starting a business and building companies from the ground up? If so, a career as an entrepreneur may be the right fit for you. Our fast-paced modern world has limitless opportunities to create…

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Is Project Management a Good Career Path?

Woman writes stickers on a glass panel.

Is project management a good career? Well, a project management career path certainly is one of the most versatile and rewarding undertakings for MBA graduates. Project managers lead and motivate teams and help coordinate projects. Being a great leader is an essential skill for anyone considering project management as a…

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Top 5 Business Administration Careers

careers in business administration

The world is your oyster with a business administration degree. No matter your interests, whether they are finance, animals, clothing, or cars, the world needs professionals who know how to run a business successfully. The reason so many students choose business administration careers is that it opens so many doors…

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3 Things to Look for in Good Military Friendly Colleges

Student writing with man in background in military friendly colleges

Most United States service members enlist into their chosen branch with a high school education or an equivalent degree. According to Statista, this was the case for more than seven out of every ten active American military personnel in 2019. Military-friendly colleges are a convenient way for veterans and other service…

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Top 5 Benefits of Studying International Business

This picture shows a city background with an inlay of the globe on top.

When you think about studying international business, you might have a different vision than someone else. One of the biggest draws to getting a Bachelor’s degree in International Business is this qualification’s versatility. Whether you are interested in management, marketing, economics, or human resources, you will find an international business…

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