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Online Master's in Entrepreneurship Guide | Everglades University

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Learning to work through uncertainty and thrive in the business world is a key skill acquired through a Masters in Entrepreneurship online or in person. Although becoming a small business owner is often the career choice for people with this degree, there is a wide variety of other managerial positions available.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, management occupations are anticipated to grow over 5% in the next ten years with more than 500,000 new jobs. Companies are eager to hire experienced individuals with an entrepreneurship education for these jobs.

What is an Entrepreneurship Degree?

A Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship online or in-person is designed to build the skills needed to understand innovative business models. Since business is an ever-growing field of study, so is any degree program within this field.

Some typical program goals include learning about organizational behavior, marketing, innovation, and financial processes needed when working within a business. The theory and practice of entrepreneurial skills help individuals innovate and design businesses that will thrive in the current marketplace.

A Master’s in Entrepreneurship online is much different than a Master’s of Business Administration, or MBA. The workplace climate historically has favored the MBA degree, but that is changing. According to The Harvard Business Review, entrepreneurs use effectual reasoning instead of casual reason. This ideological difference helps entrepreneurs find the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient alternatives to achieve goals that are preferred in the current marketplace.

Career Opportunities With a Masters in Entrepreneurship

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It is not necessary to plan to start your own business when obtaining a Masters in Entrepreneurship online. Many other career opportunities find a business degree specializing in entrepreneurship to be extremely helpful.

Learning how to be a success within an entrepreneurial environment is one of the key concepts of this educational program. With this background, you could find successful employment in jobs such as:

  • Small Business Owner
  • Business Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneur
  • General Business Management
  • Marketing Lead
  • Benefits Manager
  • Other Management Positions

The career opportunities for an entrepreneurship degree are not limited by much. Most companies who are looking to hire a manager or a team lead will find a degree in this field very advantageous.

Benefits of Online Degree Programs

Working with a school that offers a full degree program online is extremely useful for people in today’s world. There is no need to move locations or change your life around drastically, and you can still attend your graduate degree program.

Online degree programs are designed for busy working professionals and flexible in times when classes can be completed. Many programs allow you to work through the course work at any time of the day or night, as long as you are keeping up with the weekly goals.

Technology today helps to ensure you can stay in touch with your professors to ask questions, visit through video chat, or even present a research paper all while in the comfort of your home. With the advancements in online learning, there is no reason to let your goals sit on the back burner any longer.

What to look for in an Entrepreneurship Master’s Degree Program

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Choosing a Masters in Entrepreneurship online program can seem overwhelming at first. There are a few core courses that you should look for and ask about. These courses will give you the well-rounded business education you need to enter the workforce or start your own company.

Your degree program should include available courses in:

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Business Strategy
  • Technology and Innovation 

Outside of your day-to-day coursework, there should also be opportunities to participate in leadership activities, internships and practicums in the business field of your choice. These outside the classroom learning opportunities help to develop your understanding of the information you have learned.

Make sure to discuss your job goals with your potential school before registering to ensure their program can meet your needs. Every school is different and it is essential that you pick a program that can work with you and adapt to your needs.

How to Get Started Today!

When searching for the entrepreneurship program that is best for you, it is best to look at more than the course requirements. The right school for you will also include outside the classroom learning experiences such as internships, career speakers, experienced professors, and business partnerships in the community.

At Everglades University, our Master’s in Entrepreneurship online degree is designed with busy professionals in mind. We provide a well-rounded program to prepare students to enter the workforce either by starting their own business or working with established businesses. 

Hands-on internships provide the real-life situations and knowledge needed to help our students stand out in their chosen career. Each student has an advisor who will work closely with the student to guide and direct them in their higher education program.

You can take control of your life and get started today on your Master’s in Entrepreneurship online. Enroll now at Everglades University!

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