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How to Get an Online Surveying Mgmt Degree | Everglades University

A surveying manager looking at plans on a table.

Surveying is a crucial part of every construction project. Earning your online surveying management degree is a great way to learn about this industry and attain vital management skills. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of surveying for construction industry-specific technical and occupational subjects, such as surveying for route and boundary, platting, and geotechnical technology.

Learn more about how to start a career in surveying management with these tips.

Find an Accredited Program

The first part of earning an online surveying management degree requires finding a program that has experience. Accreditation is also important as your future employer will want to know that your classes and coursework were valid. Everglades University offers an accredited Bachelor of Science Degree in Surveying Management that is well versed in the industry to prepare students for a career in surveying management.

Make Sure Online Courses are Available

Another part of earning an online surveying management degree is to make sure that your chosen program offers online classes. Not every college or university provides online courses for students. However, Everglades University provides both in-person and online courses for every student in this program. 

With the recent pandemic, many schools have had to jumpstart their online learning options for students who can’t safely attend school. It is essential to choose a school that has years of experience offering classes online. There are many different factors involving online learning that take years to work out. Everglades University has offered online courses for years now and is a leader in the online learning field. They understand what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work when it comes to supporting and connecting with students virtually.

Check Out Prerequisites

Depending on which online program you choose, it is essential to know what kind of prerequisites there are before beginning classes. Admissions offices often require an application and fee and documentation from high school or past colleges. Entrance exams are also standard, as well as the need to report SAT and ACT scores. 

Most schools also require incoming first-year students to take foundational courses no matter what degree field they choose. These classes offer a broad base of knowledge and learning to help students acclimate to a higher learning environment. Many online degree programs will also require students to take these classes before starting the degree’s introductory portion.

Start the Application Process

Applying online is simple, with certain forms to fill out. Usually, the application process requires information about your background, school, work experience, and past learning documentation. You’ll typically need to submit an application fee when you send your application to the program. Admission staff and advisors are happy to help answer any questions and guide you through the process.

Apply for Financial Aid

Investing in your education is an integral part of your future career. Financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans is available to students who choose either in-person or online learning. Our financial assistance office can help you find what kind of help you qualify for and how to fund your education.

A surveying manager looking at a computer outside with plans under it.

It is important to speak to an advisor and sign up for classes before getting a degree in surveying management

Speak With an Advisor

It is crucial to take advantage of the resources available within your program. Colleges and universities have resource specialists and advisors employed to help students find their way through the program. Speak with an academic advisor to help sort through your experience and plan out your course schedule at Everglades University. Connecting with your advisor can help you succeed and get ahead of other students in the program.

Sign up for Classes

One of the benefits of learning with Everglades University’s online degree program is that new classes start every month, which means that you won’t need to sit around and wait for the next semester to start. Students can take one online class a month, focusing their education and completing courses on time. Talk with your advisor about registration and class schedules for more information.

Check Your Internet Service

As an online student, it is vital to have a high-quality internet connection that doesn’t have too many disturbances. If you plan on learning primarily from home, now may be an excellent time to upgrade to a faster or more reliable service. While internet options will vary depending on your location, some classes have live video chat sessions requiring a strong internet connection.

Upgrade Your Computer

Your advisors and professors will be able to help you find programs and books to use during class. Your computer’s age and quality may need to be upgraded depending on what kind of option you have. Some programs may require better-operating systems or larger monitors to help make online learning more comfortable. Talk with your instructor or advisor about what they would recommend for technology and devices for online learning.

Surveying managers looking at a computer screen studying an online surveying management degree

A degree in surveying management helps you gain a thorough understanding of surveying for construction industry-specific technical and occupational subjects

Dedicate Some Office Space

Another critical part of online learning is to have a dedicated space where you can focus on class, which could be as large as an office or room in your home or as small as the end of a dining table. Whatever space you choose for your online learning, it is crucial to set up a spot where you are comfortable and have few distractions. We highly recommend using noise-canceling headphones and staying away from televisions when learning online. 

If you don’t have a spot at home that works for learning, check out the many office-sharing locations that have popped up in different communities. These spaces are often centrally located and have been quite successful for students and freelancers alike. They usually require a monthly membership to pop in and use the desks, internet, and office space. It is a great way to dedicate yourself to your online surveying management degree and possibly meet other online students in your area.

Choose Your Schedule

Many online learners are non-traditional students who have full-time jobs as well. It is vital to your success to organize and manage your time well. Choose a schedule that works for you in terms of job commitments, family, and personal time. Carve out blocks of time during your week where you can focus and dedicate yourself to your degree. 

Congrats! You’ve made it through the first step to earning your online surveying management degree by reading through this guide. We are excited to have you join the Everglades University community and look forward to having you in class. For more information about our online programs, contact our admissions office today!