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MBA Jobs & Salaries Rising Need for Online Masters Programs

Students in online masters programs at Everglades University aspiring to get MBA Jobs

The economy has forced many people to return to school in order to begin a new career after being laid off from jobs in industries that stand little chance of being revived. These nontraditional students may find it difficult to choose a new career path.

After all, there aren’t many fields that look promising these days.

Fortunately for those with a desire to run an existing company or start their own, an online MBA program is an increasingly lucrative and feasible option.

According to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), more individuals with an MBA can expect to be employed in 2013 than in the previous year.

The survey results indicated that 76% of companies have plans to bring MBA grads on board this year in comparison with just 69% in 2012.

As if more job opportunities weren’t enough, individuals with their MBAs in hand can expect to make more money this year as well.

Among the businesses with hiring plans, the majority of them (i.e. between 55 and 64%) will increase the yearly salaries for these positions to match or exceed the inflation rate.

That’s not to say that a job in management is not without sacrifice. Typically, managers and executives more than earn their pay by working long hours and taking much of the scrutiny for any missteps or setbacks the business may experience. Thus, these leaders will need to be committed and self-motivated.

They’ll also need sound business sense and comprehensive knowledge of today’s global marketplace.

Online Masters Programs for Inspired Leaders

Among the many colleges and universities offering online business degrees for students and working professionals is Everglades University.

Leaders that have been through an online masters program and now have an MBA Jobs

The Master’s Degree in Business Administration offered by the school consists of 36 credit hours, including courses such as Accounting for Decision Makers, Managerial Finance, Leadership Skills for Managers, and Advanced Organizational Behavior among others.

Interested parties can contact the university for more information about the program or view the full online program description for the complete list of course requirements.


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