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Ask a Librarian Award Goes To Larry Cooperman

Where each day brings a surprising fact, a fun activity, or an Ask a Librarian award … and a chance to brag about our incredible services!

And the Ask a Librarian Award goes to… With more than 100 libraries participating and more than 1000 fabulous librarians trained, Ask a Librarian thrives on providing excellent customer service to patrons all across Florida. One key to excellent customer service is picking up and responding to patrons quickly… a quick response time tells the patron his or her needs are important to us, and that our trained librarians are here to help. So, now, a little bit of Ask a Librarian trivia…. Question: Which staff has the the quickest response time to a customer? Answer: Larry Cooperman of Everglades University! His average response time? With 57 sessions in January, Larry’s average response time was 20 seconds.