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Top 3 International Business Jobs in 2020 | Everglades University

international business jobs and degrees in the United States

Are you ready to explore different cultures and markets while leveraging your global mindset into scoring wins for your company? International Business jobs teach you about different cultures without requiring that you sacrifice a leadership position in the market. The following are the top 3 international business jobs that Everglades University can prepare you for:

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Human Resources

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (or Logistics Management) is the role fulfilled by those members of a company who physically get things made and then placed where they need to go. 

Supply chain manager working with information

Customers expect consistency in their orders. Another way of looking at the job of the supply chain manager is the professional or professionals who maintain and ensure this consistency. This can take many shapes and forms. 

What Does It Look Like?

A Frito-Lays supply chain manager is in charge of making sure that all relevant supermarkets in New Zealand have the optimal amount of Doritos according to studies about the local realities of supply and demand.


Step 1. Procurement

What does the company need to acquire? 

Who sells the best product for my company?

When do we need to have everything ready?


Step 2. Manufacturing and Operations

What is the best way to get it done?

What is the quickest way to get it done right?

How can I save the company money while still producing what the company requires?


Step 3. Logistics and Transportation

What is the most efficient way to get the product to the customer?

How will the product be protected from the outside world?

How will you containerize the product?

Business Analytics Manager

Business Analytics Managers define, track, and promote the otherwise ambiguous desired outcomes of an organization.

Business analyst going over data

These jobs are also sometimes called management consultancy. They mostly work internally, meaning they are not client-facing. Business analysis managers analyze and describe a company’s competencies.

They involve themselves in the mechanism of the company to learn weak points and positive exceptions. Then, they turn their observations into formal recommendations which they present to the relevant stakeholders. This is generally done by incorporating themselves into the company’s day-to-day operations and then turning their findings into data visualizations and recommendations.

Because different cultures have different ways of doing things, international experience is encouraged because different limitations and market attitudes can dramatically sway the strategies and objectives a domestic company might employ.

What does it look like?

An Amazon business analyst meets with third-party sellers in Singapore to support stakeholders who are lagging behind in sales. At their meetings, they use spreadsheets and data visualizations to accurately communicate what Amazon’s goals are in the region and what the stakeholders can expect going forward.


Step 1. Research

What does the company want?

How is it being implemented?

Are exceptions being made?


Step 2. Encoding

Who is doing things the best way?

Who needs to adjust their expectations in order for goals to be met?

How can I best help implement these changes according to culture and psychology?


Step 3. Implementation

What are the best platforms for data visualization of my findings?

How can I best communicate my findings to the appropriate people?

Who can best support my findings through projects or programs?

Human Resources

Human resources is about discerning who is the best person for what role in the company and then surrounding him/her with useful resources that will make his/her output better.

Human resources department having an interview with a candidate

Often, entrepreneurs report that the most crucial part of building a successful company is finding and managing your people. People have different styles of work. The HR manager is responsible for making sure that roles and the talent are aligned. 

Often this can be tricky for companies juggling multiple languages, cultures, and markets, so an international context is seen as a definite value-added. 

What does it look like?

A Dell HR manager is tasked with preparing a team that will execute a new campaign aimed at college students. This campaign will involve hiring two senior-level executives, five associate-level marketing managers, and 40 interns. 


Step 1. Hiring

What is the best way to describe the company’s available positions?

Where are the best places to post this available position?

Who is the best person for the culture of my company?


Step 2. Onboarding

Do any other departments need assistance due to individual situations?

What documentation is needed?

What training is needed?


Step 3. Retaining

What does a work-life balance mean for employees at my company?

How can we boost motivation by using the company culture?

What is the existing company culture?

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