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Top Entrepreneur Careers in 2021 | Everglades University

A smiling young male entrepreneur leans on a white conference table during a meeting.

Do you find yourself gravitating towards always wanting to start something new? Do you get excited about starting a business and building companies from the ground up? If so, a career as an entrepreneur may be the right fit for you. Our fast-paced modern world has limitless opportunities to create new businesses that were not possible a decade ago. Find out more about the best entrepreneur careers in 2021 and how you can land your future dream job.

Entrepreneur Careers Overview

Those interested in the best entrepreneur careers, firstly, need to understand what an entrepreneur is. You probably won’t find entrepreneur job titles because being an entrepreneur means creating jobs. Investopedia defines an entrepreneur as “an individual who creates new business, bears most of the risks and enjoys most of the rewards.” In short, entrepreneurs think of an idea and then take the first steps in building the business. 

Entrepreneurs play a considerable role in the economy. They are the creative thinkers, the ones that can identify a problem and think of solutions. As an entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily have to commit to a business or idea long term. Many entrepreneurs start the business, see it through some growth, and then leave the company to others while moving onto the next new idea. 

Best Entrepreneur Careers

Entrepreneur writes down ideas in the backdrop of statistics and reports.

There are many exciting career paths for the budding entrepreneur.

Our soon-to-be post-pandemic world looks much different than years before because the coronavirus has forced many businesses to reevaluate their company and adapt to the new post-COVID-era economy. This has increased the demand for some of the jobs below.

1. Set Up a Dropshipping Business

You may have heard of dropshipping or wondered how that busy Instagram mom has such an active side business. Dropshipping is taking the world by storm as more and more people shop online for their household needs. 

Dropshipping is essentially creating an online store and taking orders from customers without storing any of the products on hand. A third-party manufacturer fulfills and ships the order directly to the customer. Entrepreneurs and investors can even set up stores on such sites as Amazon or Shopify to start a dropshipping business. 

Market Size: $36.11 Billion in North America

Estimated CAGR: $17.6% through 2027

2. Work as a Marketing Manager

Entrepreneurs know how to market their product no matter what it is. Many entrepreneurs enjoy the excitement of advertising and marketing more than they may want the product itself. Becoming a marketing manager allows you to use your entrepreneurial skills in reaching the target customer for your business. As a marketing manager, you’ll be in charge of a team of people working together to form advertising campaigns, social media posts, and many other communication avenues with the public. 

Job Outlook: 6% through 2029

3. Open a Shared Office Space

While many have been working from home due to COVID-19, our home offices are getting a bit lonely now. Shared office spaces are an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community. 

Opening up a shared workspace invites local freelancers and other entrepreneurs to your door. Not only can you provide a great workspace with access to conference rooms and printers, but you’ll also get to network with those scrappy professionals in your area who may have the next great idea. 

Who knows? Opening a shared workspace could be the launching pad for a big entrepreneurial deal.

Market Size: $26 Billion

Estimated CAGR: 7.89% 

4. Become a Sales Manager

Entrepreneurs are natural at sales: they know how to read a crowd, mingle with strangers, and create a conversation out of thin air. Entrepreneurs who want to use their skills are naturally inclined to work as sales managers. 

These jobs are available across multiple industries so that you can pick what kind of business interests you most. Sales managers not only lead a group of people, but they are also responsible for boosting profit and productivity. All of these skills are vital when building your entrepreneurial skills.

Job Outlook: 4% through 2029

5. Launch Your Start-Up

Those who earn a degree in entrepreneurship often have one (if not a few) great business ideas. Why not jump right into the industry today? While setting up your start-up can be tricky, there are plenty of success stories out there about hard-working people putting in the time and effort to launch their dream business. You’ll need some funding and a clear goal in mind, but plenty of other entrepreneurs have built uber-successful companies from the ground up. Add in some grit and moxie, and you’ll be on your way. 

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur uses a computer on a table full of reports.

There are many opportunities available for those with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship. 

No matter what your incredible idea is for a future business, it is essential to educate yourself on how entrepreneurship works. Everglades University offers a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship for those who want to learn more about implementing their great idea. Students in this program have often worked within an industry and need help honing their skills to create the next best thing.  

Some of the classes that students take in this master’s program include strategic sales and marketing management, business strategy for competitive advantage, entrepreneurial innovation and technology, and new venture creation. Earning an advanced degree in entrepreneurship allows you to have access to the best entrepreneurial careers moving forward. 

Learn more about the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship by contacting the admissions office at Everglades University today. Who knows? You could be in one of these best entrepreneur careers very soon.