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Top Majors For Entrepreneurs | Everglades University

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When choosing the best majors for entrepreneurs, it is essential to look at what the final goal is for the student. Some students will want to start their own company, while others may be using their degree to give them a step up in their current job.

In the United States, 62% of billionaires are self-made! This is an exciting statistic that shows the power of business-savvy individuals when they put their minds to their goals. There are over 25 million Americans currently running their businesses as well. Entrepreneurship is something many people aspire to do in their lifetime.

Typical Majors for Entrepreneurs

During undergraduate schooling, entrepreneurs may find a wide variety of majors applicable to them. These options will help determine their long-term career goals and be adjusted if they decide to get a master’s qualification.

Some of the typical majors that entrepreneurs seek include:

  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Communications
  • Accounting
  • Law


If a specific entrepreneurship major is not available, these majors offer an excellent base for students to gain knowledge and skills. The next step after receiving an undergraduate degree in one of these areas would be to earn a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Benefits of an Entrepreneurship Degree

A young, entrepreneurial businessman in an office setting.

One of the most common questions about a degree in entrepreneurship is about what type of job opportunities are available.

Combining an undergraduate degree in one field with a graduate degree in entrepreneurship can lead to a range of career choices.

An entrepreneurship degree equips graduates with a diverse set of skills so that they can go on to pursue opportunities in various sectors and industries. Throughout your studies, you’ll gain critical thinking skills along with key business knowledge regarding the areas of marketing, management, finance, and venture creation. Rather than focusing on one type of business area, you’ll be able to look at different fields with an innovator’s eye.

Some of the most significant benefits for entrepreneur majors include:

1. Job Versatility 

With the diverse background that comes with entrepreneurship, new graduates have the versatility to translate their skills into any industry. This versatility means graduates can work in medical companies, construction, trade, computers, and many other business sectors.

2. Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates nearly 10% of individuals will be self-employed in the next five years; this is over a 3% growth from current numbers. Other business and management positions as listed above all have significantly high growth numbers as well. Development management leads the way with an estimated 7% job growth in the next decade. 

Famous Entrepreneurs 

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the dreams of most students earning this degree. The best majors for entrepreneurs combine what a person is passionate about with business knowledge.

Over the years, there have been many very successful entrepreneurs for students to look up to, such as:

  • John D Rockefeller
  • Thomas Edison
  •  Henry Ford
  •  Charles Schwab
  •  Bill Gates
  •  Oprah Winfrey


Entrepreneurship takes a unique person with a drive and passion that is never-ending. Individuals may get their degree and initially start working with other companies, but the goal is often to start their own business. 

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