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Benefits of A Master's Degree | Everglades University

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If you’ve been in your career for any amount of time, you’ve probably thought about going back to school to earn your master’s degree. Often, professionals see the limitations that a bachelor’s degree holds and that a master’s degree is usually required for further advancement. Having a master’s degree opens up multiple doors that can lead to exciting career changes, growth, and better opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of a master’s degree and how earning an advanced degree from Everglades University can help you achieve your career goals.

Advanced Knowledge

Earning a master’s degree allows you to have a deeper understanding of a profession. That is the knowledge that you can take with you into your future career and use for the rest of your life. You’ll learn exciting and advanced techniques about your chosen degree program to build your resume and prove your understanding of the industry. Specializing in your knowledge with a master’s degree helps expand your knowledge and creates educational value.

Tuition Assistance

Many employers value a master’s degree so much that they are willing to flip the bill. Employers know that advanced education will help you become a better employee and directly benefit the company itself. If your employer doesn’t offer tuition assistance for advanced degrees, consider asking about it to see if it would be an option. Any financial help, no matter how small, equals less of an investment on your end.

Better Opportunities

As with any advanced degree, master’s degree holders have better opportunities to choose from upon graduation. Employers are willing to pay for those who have gone above and beyond when taking the time to earn an advanced degree. You should have many opportunities to travel the world, move to the big city, or even get the long-awaited corner office. Reaching your full career potential is just one of the benefits of a master’s degree.

Short Time Commitment

Many master’s degree programs don’t take very long to complete. While some advanced degrees can take a few years to finish, most of them can be completed anywhere from 12-18 months. In the grand scheme of things, this shortened time commitment is just a blink of an eye in terms of your career’s longevity. The ability to earn an advanced degree in such a short amount of time is a significant benefit of a master’s degree. 

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Better opportunities and advanced potential are among many benefits of having a master’s degree.

Earn Your Masters Degree from Everglades University

Earning your master’s degree online or on-campus at Everglades University is a great way to advance your career. 

Multiple Degree Programs

Everglades University offers master’s degree programs in five different areas of study. Some of the programs have further concentrations as well. Check out these various programs available to those that hold a bachelor’s degree:

1. Aviation Science

This 36 credit program is for those already in the aviation industry. Students who work as air traffic controllers, maintenance technicians, flight crew members, flight dispatchers, and airport management are all good candidates for this program to further their careers.

Available Concentrations:

2. Business Administration

Consider furthering your career in business with a master’s degree in business administration. Students learn managerial skills along with a deeper understanding of essential business processes.

Available Concentrations:

3. Construction Management

Snag that upper-level management position on the construction site with a master’s degree in construction management. Students learn advanced construction management, legal, and strategic skills to use daily in the field.

4. Entrepreneurship

Expand your knowledge of business and entrepreneurship by taking this master’s program. Over 36 credit hours, you’ll learn more about marketing, accounting, and business strategies to give you an edge over the competition when wanting to expand your portfolio through entrepreneurship

5. Public Health Administration

Build on your career in the health industry with a master’s degree in public health administration. This 36 credit program offers a challenging and satisfying curriculum designed to help healthcare professionals learn more about running a health facility or business.

Available Concentrations:


Everglades offers many master’s degree programs online and on campus. This convenient option to earn your advanced degree works well for those professionals who already work full time. Learn more about how you can get your advanced degree and take advantage of all of these benefits of a master’s degree for your future career trajectory.