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Entrepreneurship Degree Careers | Everglades University

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Envision a future where you have the knowledge to help build a business from the ground up. A degree in entrepreneurship is a degree that allows you to either work for yourself or holds a high-level management position while working for an organization. This type of degree offers you the widest variety of job prospects imaginable.

Bring your optimism, entrepreneurial spirit, and individuality to this degree because you can get a job in any industry you want. Being entrepreneurial means that you thrive on innovation, learning, and exploring – and companies throughout the globe wish to hire individuals with those skills!

What is a Degree in Entrepreneurship?

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A degree in entrepreneurship is designed to develop an emphasis on entrepreneurial theories and practices. This education base translates perfectly into running your own business but is also very useful for working within traditional business environments.

An entrepreneurship degree offers a wide breadth of knowledge about business marketing, training, and management. Concepts revolve around innovative business ventures which organizations seek out in their managers.

Graduates know business strategies that are an asset in a wide variety of industries. With an entrepreneurship degree, someone can analyze various business models and work effectively to help grow the company they work with. Upper management positions are typical for new graduates.

Typical Coursework within an Entrepreneurship Degree

Earning any graduate degree is a considerable time and energy commitment, so it is essential to research the coursework and college before deciding. Your degree in entrepreneurship should include theory classes as well as practical applications of your knowledge.

Some coursework you should expect to see from a top-level entrepreneurship degree program will include:

  • Leadership Skills for Managers
  • Business Strategy
  • Innovation and Technology in Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Business
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Industry Specific Courses for Your Interests


Finding a program with flexible class schedules or online courses can also be a determining factor in choosing the right school for you. Most programs will require between one and two years for completion, depending on the number of courses you can take at a time.

Job Opportunities

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The job opportunities you can pursue with a degree in entrepreneurship are so vast that it is hard to narrow down some top choices. People often choose to work with companies in a management position to learn more and expand on their skills before starting their small businesses. Here are some of the top job opportunities that graduates pursue after receiving their entrepreneurship degree.

 1. Marketing Manager

Entrepreneurship skills are instrumental in assessing the market and targeting new prospects. Marketing managers get to spend time on social media and interacting with potential clients, which can involve business dinners, travel, and socializing.

  • 6% Estimated job growth in the next decade

2. Administrative Service Manager

Directing and planning the direction of the organization is a primary responsibility of this position. Skills in project planning and seeing the larger picture of business development is helpful. The fun part of this job helps determine an organization’s direction and be involved in important decisions.

  • Estimated growth is 6% over the next ten years.

3. Business Owner

Starting a small business is a top career that someone with a degree in entrepreneurship would seek out. Business owners have the joy of developing and building their vision from the ground up.

  • Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nearly 10 percent of the workforce will be self-employed within the next five years, including small business owners, there are no specific job growth numbers.

4. Development Manager

Development managers can be a part of the human resources department, and other times part of a separate training division. Nearly every industry employees training and development managers, so there are many jobs to choose from. One of the best parts of this position is helping to train people and working with various employees. Many times a development manager will get to travel to other business locations to conduct their training.

  • Estimated 7% job growth in the next ten years

How to Get Started on Your Degree in Entrepreneurship Today

The right school for you will also include outside-the-classroom learning experiences such as internships, career speakers, experienced professors, and business partnerships in the community. You can talk with our advisors, ask questions, and get program information if you think you are ready to get started on your entrepreneurship degree.  

Our Master’s in Entrepreneurship is designed with busy adults in mind. We provide a diverse program that prepares students to enter the workforce or start their own business. Hands-on internships provide the real-life experience and knowledge needed to help you stand out in your career search.

If you are ready to start your education journey, you can get started today with your Master’s in Entrepreneurship. Join us now at Everglades University!

Call us today to discuss your future master’s degree program at (888) 854-8308 or request more information online.