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Masters in Construction Mgmt Careers | Everglades University

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Construction is a multi-billion dollar industry that is rapidly growing. With a forecasted growth of over $700 billion in 2021, now’s the best time to get a masters in construction management and expand your career opportunities.

Online programs are now available for students to apply right away, so there is no reason to delay their education. Graduates will find advancement opportunities widely available in many industries, including construction, hospitality, law, and non-profit sectors.

Keep reading for a breakdown of what kind of rewarding jobs you can get with this degree and what you’ll need to study in the graduate program.

What is Construction Management?

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Construction management, in general terms, is the managing of the building process. A master’s degree in construction management opens up doors to a wide variety of areas. The skills you’ll learn while studying for this degree help you set yourself apart from other college graduates.

Construction managers will often work in areas like project effectiveness, scheduling, budgeting, and quality. Learning how to oversee the day-to-day operations of subcontractors and employees is often part of this job.

Providing oversight in other areas of specialty may also be part of this position. Architects, engineers, and technical positions often work hand-in-hand with construction projects. A construction manager who also has experience in these areas can lead the teams.

A 2013 study by McGraw-Hill showed that hiring a construction manager helped to save money and keep jobs safe. This fact alone is a substantial motivating factor for employers to continue to hire individuals with experience and degrees in the construction management field.

What Do the Master’s Degree Courses Involve?

A well-developed degree program will have courses in operations as well as business. You will learn business policy, decision making, and management theory. Organizational behavior is a significant area of learning within any master’s degree program.

Some typical courses in a master in construction management include:

  • Construction Estimating
  • Project Delivery Methods
  • Risk Analysis
  • Construction Technologies
  • Project Management and Planning Strategies
  • Productivity
  • Cost Analysis
  • Legal Issues in Construction
  • Capstone Project Based on Interests


When researching schools, it’s essential to discuss your employment goals with your advisor to determine if the program is the right fit for you. A school that can offer you the option to combine your passions with your career goals is best.

Jobs in Construction Management

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Construction management positions can be small with a home builder or extremely large with international corporations building high-rise buildings. Some roles lean toward technology as well as jobs for people who prefer fieldwork.

Overwhelmingly, a master’s in construction management will lead to individuals being responsible for teams in their designated area of specialty. Some common areas of employment include:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance
  • Information Technology in Construction
  • Sustainability in Construction
  • Alternative Construction


Other areas where students may find employment are out of the traditional construction industry. Hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, and non-profit organizations can use specialty education to help their needs.

Individuals who favor business as their specialty can look at a master’s in construction management with a business degree as well. The MBA with a concentration in business management from Everglade’s University is an excellent choice for this.

Top Career Opportunities in Construction Management

A Master’s in Construction Management is often combined with other degrees to form the ideal base for students entering the workforce. Depending on the specialty area you choose and your undergraduate degree, there are many careers available. Some popular undergraduate degree combinations include engineering, business, and leadership.

  1. Construction Managers
  • 8% growth expected in the next ten years.
  • Plan, coordinate, supervise construction projects. With a Master’s degree, individuals quickly move into supervision roles instead of job side roles and are often located in offices instead of in the field.


  1. Architectural and Engineering Supervisors
  • 3% Growth expected
  • Can combine an undergraduate degree in architecture or engineering with a construction management master’s degree. Directs and coordinates activities within the company to meet deadlines and project goals. Typically supervises a team of people.


  1. Construction Administrative Managers
  • 6% Growth expected
  • Administratively manages facilities and staff to remain safe, secure, and within local guidelines. Oversees maintenance schedules and distributes role requirements for machinery maintenance.

The opportunities are endless when you combine a Master’s in Construction Management with other undergraduate degrees. This additional education shows employers you are ready to supervise teams and understand the overall business structure needed to fit your industry.

How to Get Started

Gathering information is a great way to get started but talking with the school will help answer questions faster. Everglades University offers advisors with who you can communicate online, in-person, and over the phone.

Seeking an upper-level degree in construction management allows you to build the career of your dreams. Don’t wait to make this dream happen! You can submit an inquiry online right now and get started.

With such a vast anticipated growth in the construction industry, now is undoubtedly the best time to get started on your degree. Contact Everglades University, and we will help walk you through enrolling and registering for your Masters in Construction Management today!

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