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Great Business Degrees For 2021 | Everglades University

A young woman looks up at a graduation cap, wondering what the best business degree to get is

The world of business involves many different factors and specialties. A degree in business administration includes multiple aspects of the business industry. When trying to decide the best business degree to get in 2021, you can often choose a specialty that pertains to your strengths and interests. 

Some of those specialties include accounting, economics, human resources, management, and marketing. Add to that the idea that businesses come in multiple forms and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to owning your own small business. There are various pathways to find a career in the business industry that you love.

Business Degree Specializations

First, let’s break down what kind of business degrees are available before deciding on the best business degree to get. All of the specialties below are a vital part of the business administration degree as a whole. However, focusing on one of these specialties allows for in-depth learning and can help land a perfect career.

1. Accounting

The business industry wouldn’t be possible without the management of money. Making a profit is usually the top reason why many people start a business in the first place. Accounting is a huge part of ensuring that the company is profitable and on track for payroll, insurance, taxes, and other expenses involved in running a business. 

Earning a business administration degree with an emphasis in accounting allows you to learn about essential business aspects and how accounting fits its overall picture.

2. Economics/Finance

Choosing a specialization in business economics or finance takes that money that the accountants keep track of and targets the relationship between the various streams of income. Business economics finds how all of the finances work together and includes projections and options in how the company should diversify or change its current spending habits. Economics and finance jobs use the numbers of accounting to create a bigger overall picture for the company.

3. Human Resources

Finding a career in human resources can be a very fulfilling and exciting career for those who enjoy working with people. Human resources involve the employees of a company and all of the aspects of employee life. Those with a degree in human resources management usually hire and fire employees, take charge of salaries and timesheets, and often direct education and training to keep everyone in the company safe. 

4. Management

For those business students looking to advance their careers, a specialization in management may be just the right fit. A career in business management has less to do with the actual company’s services or products and more about managing its employees. 

Managers often hold an advanced degree in business and are great at leading a group of people. They usually take on authoritative roles within the company and can quickly move up the ladder. Positions in this specialty could include different management positions, including general, sales, operations, or business. 

5. Marketing

A career in marketing allows you to focus on how your customers get to know the company. This field could include advertising, social media, writers, and graphic designers. Earning a degree in business with a specialization in marketing helps you understand the different aspects that go into why customers choose to buy from or use your company’s services. Marketing is often a creative job that also includes heavy financial and specific details to promote your company in the best way possible.

So, What is the Best Business Degree to Get in 2021?

Woman does calculations while looking at financial reports and graphs.

Working within the economics/finance manager sector proved to be one of the best business degrees.

Now we answer the question: ‘what is the best business degree to get in 2021?’ The answer is based on a few factors. We made this decision after looking at the following statistics and trends from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and the U.S. News Best Business Jobs of 2021 list:

  • Median Pay
  • Job Outlook through 2029 
    • The expected growth percentage through 2029; the average growth is about 4%.
  • Number of Jobs Available
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Best Business Jobs of 2021 Ranking 


The following career paths ranked highly in all of the above criteria.


  • Job Outlook: 4%
  • Number of Jobs Available: 61,700
  • Job Satisfaction: High
  • Best Business Jobs of 2021 Ranking: #13

Economics/Finance Manager

  • Job Outlook: 15%
  • Number of Jobs Available: 108,100
  • Job Satisfaction: High
  • Best Business Jobs of 2021 Ranking: #3

Human Resources

  • Job Outlook: 7%
  • Number of Jobs Available: 28,200
  • Job Satisfaction: Average
  • Best Business Jobs of 2021 Ranking: #14


  • Job Outlook: 4%
  • Number of Jobs Available: 143,800
  • Job Satisfaction: Average to High
  • Best Business Jobs of 2021 Ranking: #11


  • Job Outlook: 18%
  • Number of Jobs Available: 130,300
  • Job Satisfaction: Average
  • Best Business Jobs of 2021 Ranking: #9


Based on the above factors, we have decided that the best business degree to get in 2021 is in the economics/finance manager sector. This job has an expected growth is much faster than average. Job satisfaction is high as well. All of that combined creates a perfect mix for those students interested in both business and finance. 

Earn a Business Degree from Everglades University

Woman does calculations while looking at financial reports and graphs.

No matter what business degree you get, you’ll be in good hands at Everglades University.

Choosing to earn a business degree from Everglades University is an excellent option for those looking for the best business degree to get in 2021. We offer both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting for Managers.

Well Rounded Education

The course list for our bachelor’s degree in business includes a wide variety of all of these specialties. It helps our students have a well-rounded education that allows them to pursue their chosen specialty in their careers. 

The following classes specifically pertain to the finance specialty that will be in such high demand in the workforce:

  • Accounting Principles I and II
  • Financial Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Research and Statistical Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis

Easy Access to Classes

Everglades University offers all degree programs both online and in-person on campus. This feature enables students to login no matter their location to access their education on their schedule. The easy access to classes is often what students enjoy about earning their degree from Everglades University.

Award-Winning University

We are proud to announce that Everglades University is often an award winner year after year! Our efforts to offer quality education with unlimited access online have gotten plenty of notice. Here are just a few of the recent awards we received:

  • 2021
    • Top 2021-2022 Military Friendly Schools by
    • #1 Best Fully Online College by Stacker
    • #8 Best Online Colleges in America by
  • 2020
    • Listed as a 2020 Best College by Money Magazine
    • #17 for 2020 Best Online Colleges in Florida by


When looking for the best business degree to get in 2021, look no further than applying for our program at Everglades University! We offer a comprehensive education carefully constructed to touch on multiple business specialties for a well-rounded business graduate. Learn more about our degree programs and apply online today to start your degree in business this year.