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Aviation Security Management Guide | Everglades University

Security in the skies has always been a top priority but became even more critical after September 11, 2001. Along with the addition of terror threats from people, more and more packages get mailed by air. The need for aviation security management is high to keep the passengers, employees, airplanes, and those on the ground safe.

Keep reading to learn more about what you’ll study in the aviation security management program at Everglades University.

What is Aviation Security Management?

Aviation security management involves those individuals who are interested in keeping the skies above our country safe. Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation with a concentration in Aviation Security from Everglades University is a great way to learn the needed skills for this career. Students in this degree program focus on detecting possible threats and responding in the event of an emergency. Aviation security teams also work hard to prevent situations that could turn deadly. 

Careers in Aviation Security Management

As an aviation security manager, you’ll work with a team of security professionals to ensure that the airport, airplane, passengers, and cargo are all safe daily. Choose from a wide range of positions depending on where you would like to work.

Major Airports

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of thousands of passengers, working at a major airport may be an excellent job for you. Aviation security managers are either hired by the airport or by a security company that works for the airport. Duties include screening airplanes, passengers, and cargo before any flight gets cleared for takeoff. As a manager, you’ll probably have a team of employees who will be on the ground. Ensuring the airport building’s safety is also an essential duty when working in a large airport setting.

Cargo Hubs

With the rise of Amazon and online shopping, more and more packages are being flown all around the country. An estimated 44.5 billion pounds of freight travel the skies each year! The United States Postal Service delivers 500 million mail pieces each day while larger carriers, like UPS and FedEx, deliver 34 million packages combined. That’s a lot of mysterious cargo! 

Aviation security managers could find a successful career working at one of the nation’s major cargo hubs. Memphis International in Tennessee is the leader in total freight tonnage at 24.344 million pounds, with Ted Stevens Anchorage in Alaska and Louisville International in Kentucky not far behind. 


Aviation security graduates could also find a fulfilling career as a consultant. You could become a freelance consultant and start your own business or work for established aviation security consulting companies. This kind of work requires a lot of travel to different airport locations. Working as a consultant is exciting in that you help solve various problems and no two days are the same. 

Aviation Security Coursework

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation with a Concentration in Aviation Security requires specialized education and training. Students in this degree program take the following courses after completing 30 credit hours of general education courses.

Lower Division Required Courses

Students will get their feet wet with these 12 credit hours designed to introduce them to the aviation security industry.

  • History of Aviation
  • Introduction to Aeronautics
  • Aviation Law and Regulations
  • Introduction to Sustainability

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students can choose from the following coursework or use prior knowledge to help satisfy this portion of the degree.

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Airport Management
  • Principles of Supervision
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Introduction to Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Terrorism and Homeland Security

Students who have prior knowledge of aviation could satisfy parts of the interdisciplinary studies requirements. FAA Certifications and Ratings can count as coursework towards this degree. Other popular areas eligible for credit include Marketing, Statistics, Aviation, Management, and Physical Science. See the Dean of Academic Affairs or an Associate Dean for more information.

Aviation Security Concentration Courses

Those Everglades University students in the aviation degree program can choose their concentration. The following 18 credit hours are required for the aviation security concentration.

  • Introduction to Aviation Security
  • Airport Security
  • Corporate Security
  • National Security Issues and Terrorism
  • Counterterrorism and Aviation
  • Aviation and Airport Security

Upper Division Required Courses

These 42 credit hours help students understand the primary skills needed for a long and successful aviation security management career.

  • Airline Management
  • Aviation Insurance and Risk Management
  • FBO and Flight School Management
  • Corporate Aviation Operations
  • Aviation Labor Relations
  • Aviation Human Factors
  • Introduction to Space
  • Business Ethics
  • Airport Planning
  • Aviation Safety
  • Critical Thinking in Business
  • Writing for Managers
  • Project Management
  • Aviation Capstone Course
Passengers and luggage boarding a plane at a gate in an airport.

Our courses help students to gain the skills needed for a long and successful aviation security management career.

Benefits of Choosing Everglades University

There are many reasons why choosing our aviation program can help boost your career in this exciting field.

1. Online and In-Person Classes

Do you want to learn virtually or perhaps join us on campus? All of our aviation degree students have a choice when it comes to how they would like to know. Aviation degree classes are available both online and on-campus to meet the diverse needs of our students. 

When you choose to learn online, you’ll join other online students all across the country who need easy access to higher education. When you choose in-person classes, you’ll meet for class at one of our many beautiful campuses strategically located for easy access

2. Choose Your Concentration

Students in the aviation degree program can customize their degree by choosing a concentration. The available concentration options include:

  • Aviation Safety
  • Flight Operations
  • Management
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Aviation Operations Management
  • Security

3. Learn From Exceptional Professors in Small Classes

Every Everglades University professor in our aviation program holds either a master’s degree in aviation security or a doctorate education level. Our professors are happy to answer questions about the curriculum or their own experience in the industry. Students enjoy small class sizes where they can get to know their professors and receive more attention.

When selecting your future career, consider choosing the exciting field of aviation security. Earning a degree in aviation will prepare you for work after graduation and teach you the skills needed to make this job a long-lasting career. Consider applying today to start your journey in the field of aviation security!

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