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Benefits of a Career in Land and Energy Management

An energy resource manager checks building construction

Earning any degree from Everglades University allows you to have a beneficial career that aligns with your unique skills and abilities. Taking classes either on campus or online extends the reach that Everglades University offers students from all around the world. A degree in land and energy management allows you the unique skills required for a long career.

Students who choose this field of study are those that love efficiency. Working on projects that have a successful outcome and the least amount of energy waste is essential to these graduates. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a career in land and energy management.

Building Business Solutions

Graduates with a degree in land and energy management at Everglades University are natural-born problem solvers. They have a desire to help find solutions to problems as well as enjoy building structures. This is the perfect mix of skills to help businesses build physical buildings and structures that cater to their overall goal.

An energy resources manager understands how engineering and communications come together. They are often natural-born communicators that enjoy meeting new people. Understanding the physical properties of raw materials is an important part of building structures for multiple uses.

Positive Environmental Impact

Everglades graduates with a career in land and energy management have a unique love and respect for the environment. They often are those students who care about their environmental impact on a personal level, as well as a regional and global level. These students look for ways to harness energy and focus on the efficiency that is beneficial to both the environment and the end product. 

Graduates will enjoy having a positive impact on the environment

Land and energy management majors are trained to use all of their skills and tools available to them to cut down on waste. For those who love meeting new people, a career as an energy auditor is a great way to meet and educate others on how to minimize their carbon footprint. 

As many companies are choosing to “go green” in their new building projects, energy resource managers help to choose products and raw materials that have a positive environmental impact. 

Working With a Team

While there are plenty of managing careers, not all of them allow for the combination of leadership, communication, and environmental impact. A degree in land and energy management focuses on how to lead, inspire, and communicate well with a team.

This degree program teaches students how to effectively communicate with different kinds of people. Classes also include a mix of business practices and technical engineering skills that help prepare students for careers in this field.

Many graduates of this program step into management roles which include a high leadership aspect. Those with a land and energy management degree enjoy working to eliminate energy waste while also leading a team of like-minded co-workers who care deeply about engineering and the environment.

Opportunity for Growth

As the world continues to focus on green energy and resources, the demand for energy resource managers will also grow. Energy auditors, one of the careers available with this degree, is expected to grow 9% through 2026

More public policies for renewable energy creates more opportunities for jobs with larger corporations. These companies all need energy managers on staff to help them comply with local, state, and federal energy laws as well as help reduce their energy waste.

Project teamwork is important as an energy resources manager

Environmental awareness has skyrocketed in recent years, and businesses have learned how vital the environment issue is to their bottom line. Going green through processes and packaging has permeated companies down to the customer. Customers care about the company’s energy consumption and often want to know how their business helps the environment. 

The watchful eye of consumers has catapulted large companies and corporations to hire more energy managers. This alone will help drive the opportunity for job sector growth, given that the environment has become such a vital issue on a worldwide scale.

Comfortable Salary & Job Satisfaction

Land and energy management graduates can obtain an excellent job with a comfortable salary. Energy Auditors make about $70,000 on average, with many of them enjoying their daily work. 

Energy Managers earn an average of about $100,000 per year with the ability to help procure the overall energy levels of their employers

Another career opportunity that involves travel is fulfilling the job of a code enforcer. These professionals work for the local government and ensure that buildings are being built to specific codes. Energy resource managers in this career visit multiple locations throughout their region to ensure the safety of buildings and the environment. 

Many energy resource managers work in a comfortable office environment. Some also enjoy a mixture of work settings that include the office as well as plenty of time outdoors. This ability to work in multiple environments helps to raise the overall job satisfaction of these professionals.

There are plenty of benefits to earning a degree in land and energy management. Not only will graduates have a wide option of job opportunities that utilize their skills in managing energy usage, but they also will enjoy a comfortable salary (plus benefits). 

Energy resource managers benefit from working as the leader of a team and can find multiple kinds of careers in different energy sectors. 

Get Started in an Exciting Career

Earning your land and energy management degree from Everglades University is an excellent step in entering a future career that you love. 

Contact Everglades University today for more information about this exciting career path. Whether you earn your degree on campus or from the comfort of your own home, a degree in Land and Energy Management is a great option for those wanting a long-lasting career.