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What Can You Do with an Online Aviation Degree?

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Earning an online aviation degree is not only for pilots. Graduates with aviation degrees can find jobs in aviation management, airport operations management, flight operations management, aviation safety and security, unmanned aerial systems, aviation/aerospace companies, and the military, just to name a few. This vast list of career fields is open to everyone with online access and an interest in the aviation industry.

High-quality online degree programs will work with you to develop interpersonal skills, teamwork, decision-making skills, and internship opportunities to students. Through your online aviation program, you can step into high-paying careers. No matter what level of education you are starting with, it may be time to consider a degree in aviation as your next career move. 

What is Aviation and Aerospace Studies?

Scientifically and mechanically inclined individuals flourish in aviation and aerospace studies. This field of study includes people who want to fly planes, work on planes, manage the operations of planes, and a wide variety of other options.

Workers in these fields are required to have a high level of knowledge of the aviation industry principles, laws, regulations, and specific areas of studies that they choose. Programs in Aviation and Aerospace are typically 4-year Bachelor’s Degree programs with the option of continuing on to a Master’s level of coursework offered through some universities.

The field of aviation and aerospace studies is wide, and degrees can be used in a variety of positions from entry-level to upper management. The military, aerospace companies, U.S. Government, airports, private airlines, and much more are all in need of highly educated individuals for careers today.

Typical Coursework

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Because online aviation degree programs start with 4-year programs, they will include a large portion of general education courses, just like other typical 4-year degree programs. These courses will include English, Mathematics, Humanities, and Social Science courses.

Another area of coursework that will likely be included is important information regarding the aviation industry. Some course offerings in this area could include:

  • History of Aviation
  • Introduction to Aeronautics
  • Aviation Law and Regulations
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Introduction to Aviation Security
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Aviation and Airport Security


The final level of upper-division coursework includes courses in Air Cargo, Airport Management, Airline Management, Aviation Insurance and Risk Management, FBO and Flight Operation Management, Corporate Aviation Operations, Aviation Labor Relations, Airport Planning, Aviation Safety, and an Aviation Capstone course to name a few.

FAA Certifications

Another area of importance when looking for the coursework that will meet your needs includes FAA Certifications. The Federal Aviation Administration has a variety of licenses and certifications required for jobs in the aviation field. These FAA ratings can be transferred into college credit in most universities to supplement your degree.

FAA Certifications that you may be looking to gain while attending an online aviation degree program might include:

  • Private Pilot Airplane
  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Instrumental Rating Airplane
  • Commercial Instrumental Multi-Engine rating
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician General
  • Unmanned Aircraft General

Career Opportunities with an Online Aviation Degree

Online aviation degree programs offer the technical background needed to enter a wide variety of jobs in the aviation industry.

Some of the job opportunities available with an online aviation degree include:

  • Airport Management
  • Airport Operations
  • Airport Security
  • Aviation Management
  • Airlines Management
  • FBO Management and Operations
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Flight Operations
  • Dispatch Operations
  • Military Aviation Operations
  • Aerospace Engineering

Get Started Now

At Everglades University, all aviation degree programs are offered online and in-person! Programs vary from Bachelor of Science Degrees to Master’s Degrees with a large variety of concentration areas.

Everglades University was ranked #2 in Social Mobility with a long history of providing degree programs online. Online aviation degree programs are complex programs that need to be provided by a skilled university team with knowledge of all the requirements you will need to meet the workforce requirements.

Some of the specialty areas you can choose at Everglades University include:

  • Airport Operations Management
  • Aviation Safety
  • Flight Operations
  • Management
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Aviation Operations Management
  • Aviation Security
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems


It has never been easier to enroll and get started in the exciting aviation industry. Take control of your life today! Enroll in the online Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Aviation/Aerospace or Master’s Degree in Aviation Science at Everglades University now and within a few short years, you will be making a difference!

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