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Careers in Aviation Science with a Degree

careers in aviation science

More people than ever are taking to the skies, with an estimated 11 percent traveling by air. The aviation industry has grown exponentially over the past few years and presents opportunities for more people to develop lifelong careers.

Whether you want to work for major airlines or help make flying a more pleasant experience for guests, there are many roles to fill in a growing industry.

When it comes to receiving a college education, the sky’s the limit at Everglades University. 

What is Aviation Science?

An understanding of what you will study is important before launching into potential career paths. We offer a key program under the umbrella of our Bachelor of Science in Aviation that equips our students with the necessary knowledge to potentially thrive in this industry.

We require 132 hours of coursework, including 42 hours of upper-division courses covering topics such as:

  • Airline management
  • Aviation human factors
  • Business ethics and critical thinking skills
  • Airport planning
  • Aviation labor relations

By the time you reach your capstone project, you should have a clear idea of what you will need. Our program can dovetail nicely with an aviation management degree for even more potential career opportunities.

Aviation Science Degree

What Careers in Aviation Science Can You Pursue?

Whether you want to be an air traffic controller or a commercial pilot, you should know that there are lots of opportunities for aviation careers. Some might seem more obvious than others. However, they can all be rewarding and fulfilling for the right person.

Explore some of these opportunities:

Flight Operations Careers

Flight operations careers are an ideal fit for any student with an aviation science degree. While not as glamorous as professional pilots, these operators play an integral role in the safety of an aircraft carrier.

If you work in this sector of the aviation industry, you make sure that all flights comply with FAA regulations. You will also monitor important data like weather conditions, airspace restrictions, and fuel usage.

This way, you will work closely with the commercial pilot to ensure a smooth trip for every passenger.

Airport Management

If the science and data behind flight operations sounds like too much for you, the solution might be working for commercial airlines in airport management. Airport managers are crucial for the guest experience from the moment they set foot inside the doors of the airport.

This means you might be responsible not just for flight times staying on track but also for the profitability of the commercial airlines.

Aviation management can be enhanced with an advanced degree that focuses on business or dives further into the depths of aviation science.

Airport Operations

Airport operations is a sector of commercial aviation that can potentially set you up with a long-term career. You could work as an air traffic controller or escort contractors around the airport.

Some people conduct inspections, manage wildlife, and respond to crises. They might respond to security concerns on the ground before a flight occurs.

Common airport operations are often overseen by those with a degree in aviation management or science.

what jobs can I do with an aviation science degree

Aviation Meteorology

Does the prospect of telling the weather sound fascinating to you? You might lean into aviation meteorology when you study for your undergraduate degree. Sets of classes can give you hands-on experience with their aviation courses.

You can be responsible for determining when it is safe for flights to take to the sky.

If you want to work in this field, you should consider attending Everglades University for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot

An undergraduate degree in aviation science could be the first stepping stone to flight training. While it doesn’t secure you a position as a pilot, it does give you the background knowledge to help pass your pilot exams once you have your flight hours.

The FAA requires all private pilots to have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, but most programs will require about 75 hours.  Commercial pilots have more work ahead of them with the FAA requirement of 250 hours of flight time.

Some airlines will require 1,000 hours or more in the aviation field.

Flight Instructor

Other aviation professionals can include flight instructors who uphold safety standards. If you hold a pilot’s license and a degree from an aviation science program, this might be a natural fit for you.

Keep in mind that you will need to have 250 hours of flight experience and fully understand aviation safety to pass your knowledge on to the next generation of pilots around the country.

Flight Attendants

If customer service is your passion, you may want to explore the possibility of becoming a flight attendant following our aviation science degree programs. This allows you to spend lots of time in the air and travel to exotic locales.

During the flight, you will be responsible for the safety of the passengers during takeoff and landing. At the same time, attendants are concerned with passengers’ overall comfort.

While they may not have anything to do with aircraft maintenance, they do have a crucial role in the development of an airline’s brand.

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

Some people who study aviation are better equipped to fix problems with aircraft designs. An aircraft mechanic or technician ensures that every airplane operates at optimal levels. If it doesn’t meet their exacting standards, they might propose a solution or start on the fix.

Aircraft technicians are a staple of the airline industry and can represent excellent job security. After all, aircraft performance depends on their assessments and skills.

You may require more technical skills as part of the education requirements for one of these careers in aviation science.

aviation science jobs

Allow Everglades University to Help Secure Your Future

No matter what career you ultimately decide to pursue, Everglades University can come alongside you. Our institution offers accredited programs in flexible formats, including a 100 percent online option or in-person learning at five campuses.

We want to help you reach your dreams through the power of education so you can have long-lasting careers in aviation science.

Anyone looking to study aviation science should contact our enrollment team today to get your questions answered and apply for a spot in our program now!

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