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Partnership with Europe American Aviation

Everglades University Campus Vice President Caroline King and EU President Kristi Mollis met with Europe-American Aviation General Manager Gary M. Lesley and Chief Instructor Tom Navin to sign articulation agreement.

Everglades University Forms Partnership with Europe-American Aviation

Scholarships and direct access to advanced degrees offered to future pilots

Sarasota, FL – Dec. 1, 2016 – Everglades University President Kristi Mollis and Campus Vice President Caroline King met with Europe-American Aviation General Manager Gary M. Lesley and Chief Instructor Tom Navin to sign an articulation between Everglades University and Europe-American Aviation.

“Everglades University is proud to announce a partnership with Europe-American Aviation.  The leadership of Europe-American Aviation is aligned with our vision of innovation in aviation education and enhancing training to better support aviation students wanting to enter this field,” stated Kristi Mollis, President of Everglades University.

Graduates from Europe American Flight School who earn the private, instrument and commercial Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification are now eligible to earn 27 articulated credits toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation/Aerospace at the Everglades University Sarasota Campus.

“The future of aviation is exciting as projections for pilots and aviation professionals is expected to grow significantly during the next several years.  So our teams are working together to ensure our students are prepared for this tremendous opportunity,” said Mollis.

Gary Lesley, the General Manager of Europe-American Aviation, feels this partnership with Everglades University amplifies the potential for serving new students focused on an aviation career track. “A key part of our go-forward plans for taking Europe-American to the next level was to put in place an affiliation with a university committed to excellence in aviation.”

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