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Why Everglades University in Tampa is Shaping Education | Everglades University

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Are you looking for serious academic programs in the Tampa Bay area? This growing city is filled with serious students, all looking to make a difference in the world. Choosing the right school should be about more than a beach volleyball team or a popularity contest.

It should be about the academics, convenience, and even the mindset of the university.

At Everglades University, we prepare our students for the real world with quality educational programs that cover a wide array of fields of study. If you want to see how Everglades University in Tampa is shaping the academic landscape, here is what you need to know.

Private University Without the Price Tag

Many students wish they could afford to attend a private institution but are stymied by the initial sticker shock of tuition, room and board, and even food. 

There are lots of reasons to attend a private university. 

The student population at these private schools tends to be smaller and closer-knit than public schools. They are often ideal for international students, who have a steep learning curve in American customs and don’t want to be bombarded with fellow students.

If your concern is that your tuition money will line the pockets of the school president, you can rest easy at Everglades University. We are a not-for-profit private institution, which means that your tuition money is reinvested back into the school.

This makes it a better place for years and future students to come compared to a public university that receives funding from the government.

Our goal is to make the Tampa Bay area more accessible to as many students as possible with the small class size that provides a better learning environment people require to learn best.

Convenient Location to Surrounding Areas

If the small student body wasn’t enough to convince you that Everglades University is a convenient place for you to learn, then you might be interested in our Tampa off-campus instructional site

We have everything you could need right here in Tampa Bay, including:

  • Classrooms and office spaces
  • Library
  • Computer labs
  • Bookstore
  • Student lounges

Attending our liberal arts college is simplified when it comes to the convenient campus location. While Tampa Bay residents will love the convenience, those in neighboring counties can benefit as well.

Plus, you will be close to the Tampa location of Busch Gardens. You might be earning your college degree, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun at the same time.

Get Involved with a Career Center and Student Clubs

We want to set you up for success when you graduate with your degree. To this end, we believe in offering robust services that prepare you for the real world. Our career center assists you in finding a permanent position upon completion of your degree, leaving the safety of our school.

Employment placement assistance is a feature that all students receive, including both Tampa campus students and online students.

Everglades offers student clubs to help you get involved. You will make lifelong friends when you commit to putting yourself out there in our student organizations. Not to mention, these can potentially look great on your resume.

Our community events are designed to help you get into the fold of our beautiful campus, surrounded by palm trees.

Improved Academics and a Higher Bar

Many people believe that attending a public institution might mean they are going to a party school — which should be avoided at all costs. Private organizations have a more stringent bar to uphold for their accreditation and academics. Everglades University in Tampa is no exception.

We are proud of our ranking with the U.S. News & World Report. Our school has come in the top 100 for regional universities in the south.

Academic excellence is at the core of everything we do, no matter whether your major is in marine science or coastal management at the College of Natural and Health Sciences or earning an entrepreneurship degree within our College of Business. 

Our distinguished faculty sees to it that you get a quality education.

When it comes to social mobility, we are a top performer, coming in the top 25 schools.

These prestigious rankings from U.S. News & World Report should give you confidence that we are upholding a strict quality standard when it comes to academic affairs.

Accreditation for Academic Programs

In addition to our ranking with college assessment programs like U.S. News & World Report, there are also regional accreditations to consider. You should never attend a school that has no accreditation with their regional body. 

This speaks to the quality of education received by students.

All of our programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

This ensures that our mission statement aligns with the ideals of the SACSCOC. Their accreditation verifies that we have academic programs to uphold that mission. It is appropriate to the degrees that we offer here at Everglades University in Tampa.

If you are concerned about whether your degree will stand up in your future employment, you can rest easy knowing that Everglades University has the backing of more than just our dean of admissions and distinguished faculty members.

Whether you want undergraduate or graduate degree programs, we have what you need.

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From world-class education to employment opportunities with our career center, we have something to offer every student.

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