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Construction Management Degree Worth? | Everglades University

Two male construction managers discuss blueprints on a job site.

With so many degree options available today, students can find a major that exactly suits their interests and passions. Getting your education is a significant investment, and many students wonder if their chosen degree field will be worth it in the end. Earning a degree in construction management from Everglades University is an excellent option for those students interested in this field who want to take on more responsibility. 

Construction management is a needed skill that has a lot to offer graduates. Not only will you have the ability to speak to managing large projects, but you’ll also have other perks that come with this career. 

Learn more about why a degree in construction management is worth both the time and investment when continuing your education.

Benefits of a Construction Management Degree

The benefits to earning a degree in construction management could help you have a long and fulfilling career.

Work for the Best 

Those construction managers with a degree under their belt are also sought after by larger firms. These construction companies often have massive projects that require an educated construction manager (or two!). Larger companies can often mean better benefits package as well. Earning a degree in construction management is an essential part of landing these positions in the industry’s most prestigious firms.

Solid Experience

While many construction managers out there don’t hold a four-year degree, earning a bachelor’s degree in construction management helps boost your experience and overall knowledge. Construction managers who don’t have a degree may have on-the-job experience yet lack knowing the job’s best practices and business side. In comparison, a degree in construction management shows both employers and clients that you have the extra education in the industry and can speak to critical situations.


An older male construction manager overlooks plans while talking on a cell phone at the job site.

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Long Term Career

Construction jobs are hard on the body. Working with your hands and being exposed to the elements is not something that everyone wants to do when they are middle-aged or older. Earning a degree in construction management allows you to work up the corporate ladder and enjoy a job later in your career that is easy on the joints. While construction managers do need to be on a job site, their role is less physical and more mental in completing a large project.

Choose Your Location

The great thing about construction is that it is needed all across the country. No one city or state has all of the construction management jobs. While most construction projects do tend to happen in larger cities, there are plenty of smaller towns and neighborhoods requiring construction work. Earning a bachelor’s degree in construction management allows you the freedom to choose where you want to work. The degree is easy to transfer from one state to another if you ever need (or want) to move. 

What Construction Management Courses Should I Take?

You can earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in construction management at Everglades University. Both degree options include classes that will help you in your future profession.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

After completing 30 credit hours in general education courses, students can take the following construction management classes.

Lower Division Courses

These 18 credit hours introduce students to the world of construction management with the necessary skills and knowledge.

  • Building Construction Drawing
  • Construction Estimating
  • OSHA Standards
  • Construction Documents
  • Introduction to Construction Techniques
  • Introduction to Sustainability

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students will then move onto these 21 credit hours of classes that build on the basics and enter the program’s management side.

  • Macroeconomics
  • Mechanical/Electrical Systems
  • MEP Plans and Specifications
  • Building Construction Plans
  • Managing a Construction Business
  • Project Management for Construction
  • Accounting Principles I

Upper Division Required Courses

The bulk of the degree includes these 54 credit hours that go in-depth into multiple construction management principles. Students will learn about the job site’s real-world skills and the ethical and legal side of this career.

  • Codes and Standards
  • Soil Mechanics for Construction
  • Construction Ethics
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Construction Contracts
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Managing a Construction Project
  • Construction Techniques of Superstructures
  • Mechanical Systems: Heating and Cooling
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Construction Layout Planning
  • Construction Safety
  • LEED Certification and Green Sustainability
  • Statics and Strengths of Materials
  • Construction Law
  • Concrete Masonry Design in Construction
  • Financial Control of Construction Organizations
  • Construction Management Capstone Course


Two female construction management students hold tablets while working on a job site.

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Master’s Degree Courses

Everglades University offers a master’s degree that includes the following classes for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in construction management.

  • Advanced Construction Estimating
  • Construction Scheduling and Planning Strategy
  • Legal Aspects in Construction
  • Strategic Management of Construction Organizations
  • Construction Cost Analysis & Financial Control
  • Construction Productivity
  • Construction Claims
  • Decision & Risk Analysis in Construction
  • Developments in Construction Technologies
  • Alternative Project Delivery Methods
  • Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management/Leadership
  • Graduate Construction Management Capstone Course


Continuing your education in the master’s degree program can significantly increase your position within a company. Earning a master’s degree in construction management gives you the education and skills to tackle those once-in-a-lifetime projects.

Benefits of Earning a Degree at Everglades University

Many students choose to study construction management at Everglades University because it is available for both in-person and online students. You could earn your degree while still working on the construction job site. Easy access to this degree program helps both traditional students and older adults achieve their degrees. 

Everglades University offers competitive financial aid options, and the admissions process is easy to navigate. As an accredited university, you can be sure that your degree is universally accepted no matter where your career takes you. Everglades University is a highly decorated school that continues to receive numerous awards each year. 

To learn more about earning a degree in construction management, contact the friendly staff in our admissions office at Everglades University. Our degree programs are committed to offering you a solid foundation in your construction management knowledge to prepare you for a long and successful career.

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