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Is A Construction Management Degree Worth It?

is a degree in construction management worth it?

In today’s diverse academic landscape, students are presented with a multitude of degree options, making the choice of a major both exciting and daunting. For those with a passion for building and design, a construction management degree from Everglades University stands out as a prime selection. This program is specifically designed for individuals looking to forge a significant impact within the construction industry, offering deep insights into construction processes and project oversight.

Our construction management degree program combines rigorous coursework with practical, real-world applications, tailored to nurture future leaders in construction management. As the industry evolves, the demand for skilled professionals who can efficiently manage construction projects from the ground up continues to grow. By enrolling in our program, students not only gain an understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of construction but also prepare themselves for a rewarding career path that is both challenging and fulfilling.

Whether you’re aiming to manage large-scale construction projects or looking to specialize in specific areas like sustainable building or cost management, the construction management program at Everglades University can equip you with the skills needed to excel. Discover how our curriculum is designed to empower students to meet the industry’s demands, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute to and lead in the ever-changing landscape of the construction sector.

Benefits of a Construction Management Degree

Earning a degree in construction management can pave the way for a long and fulfilling career, opening up numerous career opportunities in various sectors of the construction profession. Here’s how a degree from Everglades University can place you ahead in the construction field:

Work for the Best

Graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in construction management are often sought after by top-tier construction firms involved in commercial construction and large-scale projects. These companies value educated construction management professionals who are well-versed in building codes, construction practices, and the managerial aspects of construction projects. Larger firms often offer more comprehensive benefits packages, making a degree in construction management crucial for those aspiring to join the industry.

Solid Experience

While practical experience is invaluable, having a formal education in construction management can provide a competitive edge. Many construction managers may have field experience but lack formal knowledge of building codes, best practices, and the business side of construction. A degree in construction management not only fills this gap but also demonstrates to employers and clients your commitment and depth of knowledge as a construction management professional.


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Long Term Career

Physical labor in the construction field can be demanding and is not sustainable into later years. A construction management degree offers a strategic advantage that could allow you to climb the corporate ladder and transition into roles that require less physical strain and more strategic oversight. This aspect is particularly appealing for those looking to have a long-term career in the construction industry, overseeing projects rather than working directly on them.

Choose Your Location

The construction industry’s widespread need across both urban and rural areas means that career opportunities for construction professionals are not geographically bound.

Whether it’s in bustling cities or smaller towns, construction managers are essential everywhere. A bachelor’s degree in construction management provides the flexibility to choose your preferred working location and the ability to easily transfer between states should your personal or professional circumstances change.

What Construction Management Courses Should I Take?

At Everglades University, students can pursue a comprehensive educational experience through our construction management bachelor’s program, designed to meet the education requirements for future construction management professionals. Both the Bachelor of Science degree and the Master’s degree programs offer a robust curriculum tailored to help you achieve your career goals in the construction management field.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Construction Management

General Education Requirements

Start your journey in construction management by completing 30 credit hours of general education courses. These courses are foundational and prepare you for specialized study in construction management.

Lower Division Courses

In these initial 18 credit hours, students delve into the basics of construction management. These courses are designed to introduce the necessary skills and foundational knowledge needed in the construction management field:

  • Building Construction Drawing
  • Construction Estimating
  • OSHA Standards
  • Construction Documents
  • Introduction to Construction Techniques
  • Introduction to Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (includes elective courses relevant to construction management)

Upper Division Core Courses

After mastering the basics, students progress to 21 credit hours focusing on the management aspects of the construction management majors, including:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Mechanical/Electrical Systems
  • MEP Plans and Specifications
  • Building Construction Plans
  • Managing a Construction Business
  • Project Management for Construction
  • Accounting Principles I

Upper Division Required Courses

The advanced portion of the construction management bachelor program includes 54 credit hours. These classes cover a wide range of topics, providing deep insights and real-world applications to prepare students for professional challenges in the construction management field:

Codes and Standards

  • Soil Mechanics for Construction
  • Construction Ethics
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Construction Contracts
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Managing a Construction Project
  • Construction Techniques of Superstructures
  • Mechanical Systems: Heating and Cooling
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Construction Layout Planning
  • Construction Safety
  • LEED Certification and Green Sustainability
  • Statics and Strengths of Materials
  • Construction Law
  • Concrete Masonry Design in Construction
  • Financial Control of Construction Organizations
  • Construction Management Capstone Course

Each course is meticulously designed to align with the latest industry standards and educational requirements, ensuring students meet the professional expectations of today’s construction management field.

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Master’s Degree Courses In Construction Management

At Everglades University, the master’s degree program is designed for graduate students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in construction management and are seeking further career advancement. This advanced program is tailored to help equip students with specialized construction management skills and may prepare them for leadership roles and complex challenges in the construction field.

Advanced Coursework for Professional Growth

Our master’s degree curriculum includes a series of courses that enhance both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, crucial for those looking to excel in senior management positions within the construction industry:

  • Advanced Construction Estimating
  • Construction Scheduling and Planning Strategy
  • Legal Aspects in Construction
  • Strategic Management of Construction Organizations
  • Construction Cost Analysis & Financial Control
  • Construction Productivity
  • Construction Claims
  • Decision & Risk Analysis in Construction
  • Developments in Construction Technologies
  • Alternative Project Delivery Methods
  • Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management/Leadership
  • Capstone Experience
  • Graduate Construction Management Capstone Course

Career Impact of a Master’s Degree

Continuing your education with a master’s degree in construction management at Everglades University may significantly enhance your ability to handle high-stakes projects and step into pivotal roles within the construction sector. The program not only broadens your understanding of advanced construction techniques and management principles but also opens the door to possible career advancement and the opportunity to lead major construction initiatives.

Benefits of Earning a Degree at Everglades University

At Everglades University, we understand the demands of modern students and professionals in the construction field. That’s why our construction management program is designed to be flexible, accommodating both in-person and online learners. Whether you’re managing projects on-site or transitioning from another career, our program makes education accessible and achievable for everyone—from young aspirants to experienced adults.

With financial aid options and a straightforward admissions process, Everglades University helps remove barriers to your education, ensuring you can start building your future without delay. Our university is not only accredited but also consistently recognized with numerous awards for excellence in education, assuring you that your degree will be respected and valued wherever your career path leads you.

Are you ready to lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in construction management? Contact our friendly admissions staff today at Everglades University. Join our program and gain the robust knowledge and skills necessary to help excel in this dynamic industry. Enroll now and start constructing your future, one success at a time.

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