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Is Aviation Management a Good Career?

Man wearing a suit standing inside an airport with an escalator behind him.

Is Aviation Management a Good Career? If you’re considering getting into the aviation industry and researching degree programs, it’s not uncommon to ask, “Is aviation management a good career?” An Aviation Management degree gives learners a unique combination of aviation studies, management, and business knowledge. This combination helps aviation students…

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What Do You Need to Study to Work in Airport Operations Management?

Airplane flying over water during a sunset.

In our ever-changing society, it is essential to choose a career field that allows continued growth. A degree in airport operations management is one of those growth opportunities. There are a variety of jobs available to students earning a degree in airport operations management. Some of these involve working in…

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How to Get into the Surveying Industry: What to Study

Man using survey equipment on a construction site.

For a productive career in the surveying industry, you typically need a bachelor’s degree with special classes to teach the necessary skills. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, surveyors have a median pay of $63,420 per year and higher for people with work experience and graduate degrees. The…

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5 Things to Look for in Good Alternative Medicine Schools

Flowers, plants, herbs, and fruits in bowls on a wooden table alternative medicine schools

In today’s evolving health care community, alternative medicine often complements traditional medicine approaches. More and more integrative approaches to wellness are available in our day-to-day lives, leading to an increased need for good alternative medicine practitioners. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, more than 30% of…

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How to Get an Online Surveying Management Degree

A surveying manager looking at plans on a table.

Surveying is a crucial part of every construction project. Earning your online surveying management degree is a great way to learn about this industry and attain vital management skills. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of surveying for construction industry-specific technical and occupational subjects, such as surveying for route and boundary,…

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5 Tips for Starting a Career with a Holistic Medicine Degree

5 Tips for Starting a Career with a Holistic Medicine Degree featured

Choosing to pursue a Holistic Medicine Degree can help align your career with a full-body wellness approach to care. Holistic health practitioners enjoy salaries of more than $80,000 per year depending on their specialties and education. More and more people are stepping out of the traditional medicine rolls and choosing…

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What Does Marine Resources Management Involve?

A male marine resource manager collects data while standing in a wetland area.

If you’ve visited any coastline area recently, you have more than likely come across land that falls into the category of wetlands. These areas located between the vast ocean and solid land are vital to our ecological system. The United States once had close to 400 million acres of wetland…

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How to Get into Human Resources: What You Need to Know

A female human resource manager meets with employees and shakes hands with a male employee

Do you enjoy working with people? Do you enjoy helping others and solving problems? If so, then a career in human resources may be the right fit for you. Every company requires help in the form of human resources. The role is often mixed in with other job duties for…

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