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What to Look for in a Good Construction Management Program

Construction management program students work with a professor in the classroom.

As populations and cities continue to grow, so does the construction industry. Applying to a construction management program is a great way to set yourself up for landing a perfect career, and both a bachelor’s and master’s degree can help students be successful in this exciting and growing field.  Construction…

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online?

Woman working on a laptop with papers around her.

Going to college is a huge commitment, but now anyone can get started thanks to online degree programs’ popularity. The length of time it will take you to complete a bachelor’s degree online can vary from the traditional four years. You can pace yourself for whatever works for you and…

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Top 5 Jobs for an Environmental Policy and Management Degree

A vector shows an environmental manager choosing one of many policy options.

Choosing a career in environmental policy and management allows you to protect the world we inhabit. This field of study prepares our students to choose from a wide range of jobs in different sectors, from government positions to big business. No matter where you live, protecting the environment is a…

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Top 5 Renewable Energy Careers in 2020

A female renewable energy graduate works on a wind farm

The future is green. As technology continues to change at an alarming rate, the world has turned its eyes to find new clean energy forms. Earning a degree in renewable energy allows graduates to choose where and who they want to work for. Not only do renewable energy careers help…

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Entrepreneurship?

Woman sitting on a wood table with a tablet in her hand and laptop and crafts on the table.

Envision a future where you have the knowledge to help build a business from the ground up. A degree in entrepreneurship is a degree that allows you to either work for yourself or holds a high-level management position while working for an organization. This type of degree offers you the…

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