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Top 5 Careers for Hospitality Majors | Everglades University

Hotel managers walking and having a discussion at work

The world is your oyster with a career in hospitality. Not only does this field of study open doors in a broad scope of positions, but hospitality majors are needed all over the world. Earning your hospitality management degree from Everglades University is an excellent opportunity to get paid for doing what you love.

The hospitality industry involves so much more than serving drinks or making sure rooms are sparkling clean. While we agree that those things are needed, hospitality includes the ins and outs of running a business, marketing, directing events, and so much more. Working with people is a significant part of the job, whether it be with clients, vendors, or the general public.

Those with a hospitality major will find themselves in exciting and various careers that differ from the typical 9-5 day job. This industry is exciting, fun, and requires a different kind of schedule than the regular office career. Choosing to major in hospitality allows you to pursue this intriguing and unique career path.

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Hospitality Management allows students to receive an overview of the hospitality industry. Not only will students learn about the front-of-the-house issues, but they will also learn many of the business aspects that can make or break a hotel. The managerial and accounting classes, along with a good dose of customer service, helps all Everglade students in their future hospitality career. Learn more about the top 5 careers for a hospitality major that you could find yourself in after graduation:

Hotel Manager

Many of our graduates choose to enter the hospitality industry as a hotel manager. While these jobs can greatly differ depending on location and hotel size, most of them require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. Hotel managers are often at the top of the chain when it comes to overseeing the establishment’s daily business and marketing issues. They are well-versed in customer service as well as taking care of the staff. Hotel managers are the boss when it comes to a hotel and often supervise many employees. 

Operations Manager

Larger hotels require both a hotel manager and an operations manager that work in tandem. Operations managers are less involved with the public and more involved with day to day issues that involve staff, vendors and the facility itself. The operations manager works with managers across various departments to ensure that things go smoothly for optimum guest experience and hotel profitability. They also direct a large team of staff to ensure that everything within the building is in working order.

A female Director of Housekeeping watches over a maid clean a hotel room

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Director of Housekeeping

Clients are sticklers when it comes to room cleanliness while traveling (and rightly so!). When your stay involves personal preferences like pillow type, bathing, and dressing, you want the place to be clean. As the director of housekeeping, you would oversee all of the maids and cleaning staff that work day in and day out to keep the hotel spotless and shining. Cleaning schedules, managing supplies, and ensuring that no sheet is untucked are just some of the director of housekeeping’s responsibilities.

Casino Director

Working as a casino director is another exciting career that requires a bachelor’s degree in hospitality. Many hotels feature a casino within their building, and the two industries go hand-in-hand when it comes to providing excellent customer service. As casino director, you would need to know how to manage staff along with interacting with guests. Casino directors also must be highly skilled in all of the rules and regulations involving casino games, betting, and spotting cheaters.

A male food and beverage manager oversees chefs and wait staff

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Food and Beverage Manager

Hotels often include some kind of room service, lobby bar, and dining establishment. Food and beverage managers control the flow of food, drinks, and supplies needed to run all of these services. Larger hotels often have multiple bars and areas where guests can dine and unwind. As a hospitality major, you will know how to successfully schedule all of the moving parts in the dining sector. Managing executive chefs, wait staff, and vendors is an important job that can greatly boost a hotel establishment’s overall profit.

The hospitality industry includes a wide range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Earning your degree at Everglades University gives you the key to unlocking all of the potential that this career can bring. Due to all of our majors offered both on-campus and online, you can earn your degree sooner than you think in whatever is convenient for you. Learn more about earning your Bachelor of Science with a major in Hospitality Management by contacting our admissions office today.