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7 Jobs You Can Do with a Degree in Healthcare Administration | Everglades University

What Can You Do with a Degree in Healthcare Administration

Selecting a university that will set you up for future success is important, but so is selecting the right major. For many people intending to go into the healthcare field, a comprehensive degree program in healthcare administration can open the right doors. There are seemingly endless opportunities with a robust education from Everglades University.

What can you do with a degree in healthcare administration?

Consider these top positions in the healthcare industry that are well-served by obtaining your Bachelor’s degree in this key area.

Medical Office Manager

The first career that you could pursue with a degree in healthcare administration could be a managerial role in an office. In a healthcare facility, someone needs to manage the books, maintain schedules, and organize the endless barrage of paperwork from patients. 

If there is administrative responsibility, the medical office manager is the one who sees it.

How long does it take to get a Bachelor’s degree? You can be done with your degree in plenty of time to take advantage of this upward trend with our program, which typically requires 41 months from start to finish.

Administrator for Nursing Homes

In a similar vein, you may also decide to work with the elderly. Nursing homes are equally in need of someone to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a facility with long-term residents. Nursing home administrators might be involved in managing enrichment programs as well as managing medical care.

This role would require you to handle different aspects of admin work, ranging from financial management to oversight of regulatory concerns and programs. Jobs in the healthcare industry are slated to grow over the next eight years, and this role is no exception. 

With people consistently aging, there will always be a demand for work in a nursing home and other long-term care facilities. If this is your passion, a degree in healthcare administration might be the right fit for you.

Hospital Administrator

What can you do with a degree in healthcare administration? One of the most satisfying positions resides in hospital administration. In this role, you will oversee all of the daily tasks necessary to keep a hospital running.

Hospital administrators work in hiring new staff members, oversee programs and efforts, and even deal with the financial side of day-to-day operations. You can act as a health information manager and work directly with healthcare workers under the umbrella of being a hospital administrator.

Like a medical office manager, the outlook for roles as a hospital administrator is growing. 

Health Services Managers

Another role for healthcare administrators is that of health service manager. This role requires you to oversee all of the programs and services in an office. You will be responsible for everything short of providing the service yourself.

Some of the roles you may consider include both managing a facility and overseeing a specific department, such as in a hospital unit.

Sometimes, this can tie into other degree programs, such as public health administration where you can learn the finer points of grant writing, balancing budgets, and community outreach.

Medical Reimbursement Specialist

In addition to roles as healthcare administrators, some people with this degree choose to work for an insurance company instead of healthcare organizations. This role is just as important to patient care as the role of the clinical manager in a hospital or office setting.

People will always need access to healthcare, and this is a good way to work on a wide range of services. If working in a medical facility is not the right fit for you, insurance and reimbursement may be a good option..

Healthcare Consultant

A healthcare consultant is involved in the daily operations of several locations. You will need more than an associate degree to perform this work in the healthcare sector, so consider a Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

As a consultant, healthcare professionals will turn to you and your extensive experience to troubleshoot problems in a hospital or clinic. The goal is to help healthcare providers improve their services and offerings, enable employees to take advantage of benefits, and streamline healthcare systems.

An advanced degree may be helpful here, and you should choose a college that offers both undergraduate degrees and convenient graduate degrees, like Everglades University.

Medical Director

Once you have some experience in a medical practice, you may have more opportunities than simple administration positions. Get the right level of education to work as a medical director. Healthcare administration degrees are the tip of the iceberg. 

Other types of degrees (primarily graduate degrees) may be required to excel in this field.

To get your feet wet with a role as a medical director, you will first want to experiment with a role as a human resources manager. This will give you experience in the field when it comes to managing patient records and getting a feel for the entire facility.

Start with one of these entry-level jobs before you set your sights on becoming the next hospital CEO. Healthcare administration degrees are the first step to securing a role in some of these aspects of healthcare.

Florida bachelor's degree in healthcare administration

Get Your Healthcare Administration Degree from Everglades University

What can you do with a degree in healthcare administration? With a degree, you’re potentially poised for a diverse range of roles in the healthcare industry. This field equips you with the knowledge and skills to oversee the efficient operation of healthcare facilities, manage teams, and ensure compliance with healthcare laws and regulations.

Everglades University offers a robust degree program to help prepare you for a career in healthcare services. If you feel ready to embrace a new career in the healthcare industry, our Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration can help.

Reach out to our admissions staff today to learn more about our programs!