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Aviation Management Degree Careers | Everglades University

If you want a high-flying career in aviation, you may want to consider studying aviation management.

Enrolling in an aviation degree with a concentration in management opens up many possibilities for you. 

You will learn various skills, including aviation studies, management, and business knowledge by studying this field.

The degree emphasizes managerial accounting and other supervisor-level functions that will get you from employee to employer. 

These skills allow you to enter into careers such as airport management, aviation insurance, airline operations, and so much more.

This blog discusses the different jobs that are open to you when you study aviation management.


What Is Aviation Management?

One of the most common questions that we come across is ‘what is aviation management?’

On top of the general aviation courses, this curriculum focuses on mathematical principles and the psychology needed for sufficient human resource work. 

The skills you will learn with this course are easily transferable to many other fields. 

Skills you will learn in this degree include aviation analytical and communication skills, aerospace principles, laws/regulations, operations, and various business skills.

The program makes it much easier and quicker to move into management positions. 


Aviation management is a concentration of the aviation degree which includes:

  • Intensive analysis of airway transportation systems
  • Airport operations
  • Aerospace communication systems
  • Aerospace logistics
  • Aircraft simulation
  • Advanced crew resource management procedures
  • Aerospace systems safety
  • Advanced security and safety program management


The courses you choose to take may be adjusted depending on your area of specialty. Many students also choose to combine their past work or military experience with an aviation management degree.

Indeed, if you have a background in the following areas, you may be interested in studying for an aviation management degree to climb the career ladder.


  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Flight Operations
  • Dispatch Operations
  • Military Aviation Operations


The broad base knowledge of aerospace and aviation translates into a wide variety of fields. Students can work to make their program specific to them. This field is essential to the aviation industry and will always be around as long as planes are.


What Aviation Management Jobs Can You Get With an Aviation Management Degree?

The truth is that you can go into a wide variety of careers available to you with an aviation degree and a concentration in management. 

However, we have handpicked some aviation management jobs that may interest those looking to enroll in our program. The list below is by no means exclusive.


There are various management options for you when you study for a degree in aviation with a concentration in management.

For example, this could include airline, airport, airport security, systems, or business management. Another possibility is aviation maintenance management. If you are interested in going into engineering within the aviation sector, then this is another possibility you may want to consider.

You could take all of these different fields in any number of directions depending on your primary specialism, strengths, and interests. 

The exact skills you will need for each job will vary, but the main ones are communication skills, people management, managerial aptitude, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making skills.

Chief Operations Officer For an Airport,

The role of the chief operations officer may vary. However, some of the duties may include scaling operations within the airline, change management, and implementing training programs. Other duties may consist of sales and operations planning, procurement, and overseeing logistics.

This is a highly varied and fast-paced career, and an aviation management degree will set you up for success for senior airport management roles such as this.

Some of the primary skills you would need are extensive experience in operations management, managerial abilities, communication skills, organizational and negotiating skills. You will also need to be good with numbers, with some experience in accounting and mathematics.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe flight of aircraft and providing pilots with details on when and where they should land at an airport. 

They often work in control centers or airport control towers to track flights using radar and radio equipment and communicate advice and instructions to pilots.

You should be aware that different types of air traffic controllers specialize in various stages of the flight. 

They give pilots clearance to get into sequence with other aircraft in preparation for landing, whereas aerodrome controllers oversee the final step in the landing process.

Skills needed to be an air traffic controller are excellent communication skills, calmness under pressure, problem-solving skills, and technical skills.

Commercial Airline Pilot

There are many different aspects to being an commercial airline pilot, but their primary role is to get passengers safely to and from their destination. 

You have to anticipate changes and solve problems effectively and efficiently. 

Day-to-day duties may include carrying out pre-flight checks to the aircraft, devising flight plans, checking flight data, following instructions from air traffic control, communicating with passengers, and writing reports.

The skills you will need to be an airline pilot include but are not limited to people management skills, spatial awareness, attention to detail, data analysis, and technical skills.

Aircraft Mechanic

An aircraft mechanic is responsible for maintaining and repairing aircraft systems and components. They inspect mechanical, hydraulic, and structural systems and diagnose malfunctions.

Aircraft mechanics are also responsible for overseeing the operation of various aircraft types, including helicopters and jets.

They may use power and hand tools to repair aircraft parts. In addition to an aviation management degree, aircraft mechanics will need to be skilled at troubleshooting, attention to detail, possess excellent mathematics and IT skills, and have a qualification in engineering.  

Where to Find Aviation Management Jobs?

One of the best places to find jobs is with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They are the organization that is responsible for managing the nation’s skies. 

The FAA does everything from directing traffic, overseeing aviation safety, regulating flight inspection standards, and advancing satellite and navigation technology. They have a comprehensive list of career options, which are updated regularly. 


Make The First Step in Your Aviation Career

According to the Airlines for America, the airline industry drives 1.5 trillion in US economic activity. Starting a career in aviation management provides you with plenty of opportunities to move further up the career ladder and boost your income.

The aviation program at Everglades University has several different options available, which you can work in conjunction with your management program.

Online aviation degree programs are multifaceted at Everglades University, and only highly skilled and experienced professors teach courses.  

Take the first steps and take control of your life today! Enroll in the online Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management.

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