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What Can You Do with a Masters in Public Health? | Everglades University

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If you are passionate about people, a masters in public health might be the right path for you. The field of public health combines with many other bachelor’s degree programs and offers a wide variety of ways to use this degree. The world needs more people who are trained and ready to help their communities and this degree gives you the education to make that difference.

Individuals can combine their degree with business, law, counseling, nutrition, pharmacology, technology, and other degrees. An interest in public health is always a great addition to your undergraduate degree and will make you stand out in the job market.

A master’s in public health prepares you to go beyond the entry-level positions. Leadership opportunities, policy decisions, and making a real difference in your community are available with this addition to your education. Find out if this degree program is right for you!

Public Health Industry

The public health field is rapidly changing with new needs and technologies. Innovative leaders are needed who understand the realities that are facing today’s population. Public health issues are relevant to all of us, but particularly to healthcare facilities, policymakers, and city/state governments.

Earning a masters in public health could be the best way for you to become a leader in your organization or community. You will set yourself apart from others by continuing your education past basic education.

College Programming for a Masters in Public Health

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The perfect master’s degree in public health will extend your education beyond traditional views of healthcare. You will learn about the U.S. healthcare system, healthcare policy, and administrative practices.

Beyond the basics, your program will also delve into research and statistics in public health, management skills, and policy-making education. A typical program will combine your in-person or online courses with deep research and internship opportunities.

If you already know the field you wish to go into, your master’s in public health can concentrate on your area of specialty. If you are still unsure where you’d like to take your career, your advisors can help you research the wide variety of high paying jobs available to you with a master’s in public health. 

Top 5 Careers to Look At

There is an extensive diversity of careers that a Master’s in Public Health could be very useful to. Teachers, journalists, researchers, administrators, social workers, and even attorneys can benefit from the additional specialty education in public health. Many of these top-paying careers will combine with your existing undergraduate degree to make you a top candidate in your field. Some of the top-earning careers to consider are:

Healthcare Administrators

A healthcare administrator plans and directs the business activities of healthcare providers. Many have a background in other clinical areas within a hospital setting, such as nursing. They are responsible for the daily operations of a hospital, lab, or physician practice.

  • Median Annual Salary: $100,980
  • Estimated growth: 32% by 2029

Consultant in Healthcare

As a healthcare consultant, you’ll be hired to evaluate how a healthcare facility is managed, and you’ll use your expertise to find areas for improvement. Your role will be to help the organization run more smoothly and be more efficient. This can involve creating documents or reports that outline possible solutions, along with meeting with the heads of the organization to propose solutions.

Community and Social Service Managers

Supporting public wellbeing is one of the primary job responsibilities of a community or social services manager. Often working in outreach clinics, substance abuse programs, mental health facilities and homeless shelters, the community manager oversees the daily operations. Some common responsibilities include budgets, grant writing, recruiting volunteers, and planning awareness initiatives.

  • Median Annual Salary: $67,150
  • Estimated growth: 17% by 2029

Public Health Educator

If you want to get involved in your community and make a difference, a career as a public health educator may be for you. In this role, you’ll be communicating information that helps to educate and inform the community about health and safety concerns that are relevant to the community. This can include working with the public health department and others in healthcare to provide programs, workshops, and lectures to the community.

  • Media Annual Salary: $46,910 
  • Estimated growth: 13% by 2029

Health Policy Analyst

The medical industry is constantly evolving, and with those changes, policies need to be re-examined and adjusted to meet the public’s needs. This is where a health policy analyst comes in. You’ll apply the latest research to come up with solutions to important issues regarding the healthcare system. This role includes conducting research, presenting your findings, working alongside government officials, creating policy briefs, coming up with new policies, and more.

  • Average Salary: $62,994

Ready to Learn More?

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At Everglades University, the Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration is offered on campus and online. The program is designed for the hectic life of professionals and is extremely flexible. We specialize in helping you design the program that will work best for you no matter what profession you want to enter. Level up your bachelor’s degree in nursing, counseling, nutrition, or any other field by earning your master’s in public health!

It has never been easier to enroll and get started earning your master’s degree. Take control of your life today! Enroll in the online Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration at Everglades University now!

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