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How to Get an Aviation Maintenance Management Degree

An airplane getting maintained.

The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Aviation/Aerospace from Everglades University has seven concentrations. Aviation professionals who accredit themselves with the aviation maintenance management degree gain a competitive edge in searching for a fulfilling career in aviation or aerospace. 

Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) are the skilled professionals who ensure our safety when flying 40,000 feet off the ground. Their highly transferable skill set makes them valued employees across various industries and companies, including exciting emerging technologies like crewless aircraft and reusable rockets. The aviation maintenance management concentration is one effective way for these professional men and women to leapfrog into the next level in their careers. 

The BS in Aviation/Aerospace degree program molds aviation technicians into proficient masters of their craft by combining technical know-how with an extensive academic background. Don’t stop at knowing how to fix problems. Learn to lead, secure, manage, operate, and certify. This powerful specialization from Everglades University can help propel you to the top of the list when it comes time to hire or promote.  

This article will go over:

  • The necessary steps to achieve your goal of getting an aviation maintenance management degree 
  • The classes this curriculum calls for
  • The job of an aviation maintenance manager

How to Become a Certified Aviation Maintenance Manager (3 Steps)

Step #1: FAA A&P Certification 

The BS in Aviation/Aerospace degree program requires previous licensing. The first step for students seeking this accreditation is to become certified in FAA Airframe, FAA Powerplant, or FAA A&P. FAA A&P consists of both of these certifications together.

The FAA A&P certification is considered an essential item in the resume of technical professionals working in the aeronautical industry. Many hiring managers will not even look at a job application if it does not include this certification. 

The Concentration in Aviation Maintenance Management empowers individuals with this basic accreditation to capitalize even further on their FAA certifications. This degree can get you from technician to supervisor.

Step #2: Bachelor of Science with a Major in Aviation/Aerospace

When the topic of aviation jobs comes up around the dinner table, most people think of pilots. In reality, piloting aircraft is just one career within a wide array of aviation professions. A science degree in aeronautics can unlock fulfilling jobs as a dispatcher, air traffic controller, airport manager, instructor, engineer, mechanic, or, of course, as an aircraft pilot. 

Located 175 miles from the legendary Cape Canaveral, Everglades University is in a prime position to provide students with a world-class education in aeronautics. Request more information today to find out more. 

Step #3: Concentration in Aviation Maintenance Management

Degrees for getting a job with SpaceX

Image via Google Search. Degrees for getting a job with SpaceX

The culmination of the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Aerospace is whatever specialization you choose. 

The seven concentrations offered to aeronautics science students by Everglades University are: 

  1. Aviation Safety
  2. Management
  3. Aviation Security
  4. Unmanned Aerial Systems
  5. Airport Operations Management
  6. Flight Operations
  7. Aviation Maintenance Management


This specialization qualifies an aviation professional with advanced knowledge and practical aviation skills to pursue more specialized, higher-level positions. These are a few of the careers you can pursue after obtaining your Aviation Maintenance Management concentration from Everglades University.

The Classes You Will Take to Get There

If you work in aviation maintenance and want to use your Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) credentials, this concentration is for you. Like any concentration, this educational track still requires students to complete the university’s General Education, and Lower Division required courses. 

The curriculum at Everglades University will deepen your knowledge on the subject of your choice and help expose you to new areas of interest. Twenty-one credit hours leading up to your concentration of choice are earmarked for interdisciplinary studies.

The aviation maintenance management courses that a student must complete on top of the general subjects are: 

  • Aircraft Engines
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Supervision
  • Operations Management

The Job of an Aviation Maintenance Manager

A plane landing with a sunset in the background

A career in aviation maintenance management is perfect for those who have a passion for aviation and aerospace.

Who Hires:

The military, aerospace companies, U.S. Government, airports, and private airlines need highly educated individuals. A few of the places you can find aviation maintenance manager jobs are airlines, repair stations, balloons and airships, rotorcraft, uncrewed aircraft systems, and manufacturers like Boeing or Embraer.

Do you dream of being part of the team to send human beings to Mars? You can even find aviation maintenance manager jobs at SpaceX and NASA. 

Did you know Florida is the best state in the country for aviation jobs?

What They Do

Aircraft maintenance managers supervise the service, repair, and maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines to ensure physical and legal safety for the company and its end users. The manager of the maintenance team oversees the budget for different tasks and priorities. S/he generally reports to the department head. 

This position is partially technical and partially managerial. It requires an FAA A&P license since the person occupying this position will be expected to have a deep understanding of how things must function to ensure safety.   


Everglades University’s main campus is in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. It is located 175 miles from the legendary Cape Canaveral and 130 miles from the massive aerospace hubs in Orlando, including the headquarters of Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, and the mighty Orlando International Airport. 

Ranked #26 in Top Performers on Social Mobility by 2021 US News and World Report Best Colleges, Everglades University has everything you need to succeed in your avionics career. Ready to take the next steps? Apply to our aviation maintenance management degree program today.

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