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Is Int'l Business Degree Worth It? | Everglades University

A woman doing a business presentation with a screen showing a map of the world.

Is getting an international business degree worth it? To assess whether it is right for you, it is necessary to consider the following: do you value standing out to future employers? Do you want versatility in employment opportunities?

In today’s business world, more businesses are working globally. From management to sales, these organizations value employees who have their finger on the marketplace’s pulse, including international business. Gone are the days of employees only knowing about their local regions. Companies want to hire new graduates that are worldly and understand the business based on international terms.

The Versatility of an International Business Degree

One of the most significant benefits of getting an International Business Degree is the versatility to use it. Management, logistics, and marketing are just a few of the jobs sectors that can benefit from this degree.

By combining your passions and areas of specialty, you can make a unique degree that fits what you are looking for in a career. There are very few industries that wouldn’t benefit from an international degree if you think about it. Many businesses are expanding globally and are looking for international savvy business employees to help bring their company into the next stage of their growth.

According to Small Business Trends, 50% percent of small businesses are already working with international customers. This trend will only increase with the constant expansion of online businesses.

Going global is no longer something that businesses avoid. Businesses of all sizes are expanding their opportunities throughout the globe and need well-educated individuals in many areas to help them grow.

Standing Out in the Job Market

A businessperson who works at a multinational company meeting with her colleagues over a video.

An international business degree helps you stand out in today’s market.

Having international experiences and education is one of the top ways of making your resume stand out from others. When companies are looking to hire business professionals, they don’t always state that they are interested in international experience.

Although working with international customers in the past can certainly help a resume stand out, combining your experience with an international business degree can grab a potential employer’s attention. Many young professionals concentrate on business and management skills and forget to incorporate those into the current global marketplace.

An international business degree is worth your time and energy if you desire to be part of a business that is a global organization. Your degree offers you a leg up compared to all other business professionals. Not only is an international business degree worth it, but it also prepares you for the business market. Furthermore, it builds upon a global knowledge base that will shine in today’s marketplace.

What Makes a Good Degree Program?

A woman studying with a laptop, notebook, and cup on the table.

When selecting an international business degree, graduates should look for a degree that gives them a solid overview of many business principles.

Versatility is essential in the international business degree you choose as well! Finding a program that will work closely with you to establish your educational goals and help you meet them is an integral part of picking the correct qualification.

At Everglades University, our International Business Degree program builds well-rounded graduates and gives them a solid, general education foundation.

Some important ways to gauge an excellent international business program include its ability to help you learn the following aspects:

  • Principles of Business
  • Analytics
  • Technical Thinking
  • Critical Evaluation Skills
  • Ethics
  • Business Communication
  • Marketing
  • Management Skills
  • Human Resources Skills

Get Started Today!

Choosing a high-quality program like Everglades University is the start of your educational goals. An International Business degree is worth it when you combine the degree with professors, staff, and unique program options. We are ready to make your Bachelor’s of Science in International Business the beginning of a lifelong journey.  

We will work closely with you to choose the international business program that fits your goals and help you design the perfect path for your needs. You can talk directly with counselors to set up an initial discussion and ensure our program is exactly what you’re looking for. We offer courses online or in-person which makes for the utmost flexibility needed in today’s ever-changing world.

Contact us today to get started with your international business degree!