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Manhattan West Side Projects Booming

manhattan construction project new york city

Manhattan Construction Projects Revitalizing West Side

The New York City Department of City Planning and its construction managers have been hoping to find a way to revitalize Manhattan’s Far West Side by implementing new Manhattan Construction Projects, and it they may have finally found the solution.

The plan? To extend New York City’s No. 7 subway line into the Far West Side, giving it a connection to the city’s prominent Midtown.

According to The Journal of Professional CM/PM Management, phase one of the project was completed six months before the deadline with $56.4 million dollars left in the project’s coffers to continue the extension.

Although Mayor Bloomberg initially hoped that the line could be stretched all the way to New Jersey, MTA chairman Joe Lhota is doubtful that that will happen in this century—if ever.

manhattan construction projects revitalizing west side

For now, the city will have to be satisfied with the 9, 432 feet of new tunnel that has brought commerce, recreation, and new neighborhoods to the once dismal Hudson Yards.

In order to bring about these fruits, construction management companies Hill International, LiRo, and HDR exerted quite a bit of labor.

Working 110 feet below ground level, workers used two double-shielded tunnel boring machines to create the passage to the west side of Manhattan from Times Square.

Despite the initial phase being completed ahead of schedule, the MTA predicts that the remaining phases of the project—which would extend the subway line to 11th Avenue and West 34th street—won’t be completed until the middle of 2014.



In April of 2017 there was talk about how the one of the many  manhattan construction projects may still have a chance and may not be dead after all. The idea to extend a NY subway line to Seacaucus.

New York’s transport commissioner Polly Trottenberg says that “it might be time to reopen discussion of the subway extension after a panel about cross-Hudson River commuting challenges Friday at the Regional Plan Association general assembly” according to

There has also been backlash from neighbors as they’ve exclaimed their fear of losing their homes and businesses through “eminent domain” as well as from NY officials.

The manhattan construction project has been endorsed as it’s being hypothesized that it would relieve pressure from the Lincoln Tunnel and would provide commuters with a “faster ride, since many already transfer to city subways.”


subway manhattan construction project extension

Construction Managers are Invaluable

With huge construction projects like these happening all over the country, good construction managers are invaluable.

Everglades University offers a Bachelor’s degree program for students looking to receive a construction management degree and enter this exciting line of work.

The Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Construction Management prepares graduates for the ever-changing construction landscape by emphasizing management skills and business knowledge.

Some of the courses offered in this 123-credit hour program include Building Codes and Quality Control, Construction Layout Planning, and Managing a Construction Project.

Upon graduation, students will have the knowledge to pursue careers as construction managers, project managers, or property managers.

Those interested in the program can access the full course description or contact the University for more details.



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