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Coronavirus Updates



Latest Update

06/05/20 | 7pm

Dear Students,

We hope your June term is off to a great start!

As the state of Florida continues its phases to re-open we continue to monitor the situation.  Our Academic team is currently working diligently on a plan for each campus to prepare for fall classes resuming on site that we hope will be able to be executed.  We are monitoring the Governor’s orders daily.

We have been preparing the EU campus facilities for reopening classes and are taking the appropriate measures to ensure social distancing guidelines per the CDC requirements are in place prior to your returning to campus.  We look forward to seeing our on campus students soon!

We realize this situation has been stressful for ALL of our students both on campus and virtual and we applaud you for hanging in there and not giving up during this difficult time.  Additionally we were happy to be able to award over 622 CARES Act (COVID-19) Student Aid Grants to our on campus students who were impacted by COVID 19, we hope this extra support helped you.

In closing please let us know if you need our support.  Our academic advisors, librarians, faculty, students services, admissions and financial aid departments are all open and available to provide assistance to you.

Have a great term!

All the best,

Kristi Mollis

04/17/20  | 9AM

Dear Students,

We are just checking in to see how you are doing!  We hope you and your families are fine and your classes are going well.

Our entire team continues to be available to support you in any way we can.  Our University has resources available to you should you need:

      • Online faculty tutors via the SMART THINKING platform
      • Virtual Librarians to assist you with the EU Online Library
      • Academic Advisors/Deans to support you academically, answer questions about your schedule, grades, etc…
      • Financial Aid advisors to assist you with financial questions, and if your employment situation has changed or you have lost your job please let us know!
      • Student Services Directors to assist you with job placement and other support services

We will be checking on your regularly with wellness calls, but we are just a phone call away if you need our support!

We are proud of our amazing team and we wish our entire student body a safe and healthy term!

We are here if you need our assistance!

All the best,

Kristi Mollis

Previous Updates

04/06/20 | 7PM

Dear New Students and Returning Students,

We welcome you back for the April term starting today!  If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call your campus.

Our entire team continues to work to support you and we are here to assist you as you pursue your academic goals.

We hope you and your families are fairing well as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 situation.  We have resources to support you during this time such as; Online Library Orientation and training, 24/7 Online Faculty Tutors available through our SMART THINKING platform, and we have Academic Advisors and Deans available to support you and assist you with any academic concerns.  And finally if you need assistance financially or your work situation has changed please contact our Financial Aid Department as we are here to support you.

We are excited to have our current students returning and look forward to working with our new April term students as you begin your programs!

In closing I would like to once again commend our Everglades University team including all of our faculty and staff who have worked nonstop to ensure our academic programs continued without missing a beat.  Thank you!

Best regards,

Kristi Mollis

03/24/20 | 2PM

We continue to monitor the Coronavirus and under the current circumstances we are extending all ground campuses to remain online through April 14, 2020.  This will include new and continuing students starting the next term scheduled to begin on April 6, 2020.  Your staff and faculty members will continue to be in touch with you and we are here to support you as you continue your academic programs remotely.

We also encourage all students to visit the Everglades University bookstore at  https://www.evergladesuniversity.edu/bookstore to purchase your textbooks for the upcoming term.  ALL SHIPPING FEES ARE BEING WAIVED to support our students during this time.

Students who have questions regarding their upcoming schedules, or who need to speak to the academic department, financial aid or admissions offices should call the campus to schedule a teleconference.

We commend our faculty and administrative teams who are working hard to ensure continuity and support to our students both virtually and remotely. We will continue to provide updates.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team should you need support or assistance; we continue to be here for you!

Best regards,

Kristi Mollis

03/17/20 | 2PM

Today all Everglades University students transitioned to Online courses.  Current students should not report to campus for classes for the next two weeks.  Your faculty members will be in constant contact with you during the next two weeks to support you. In addition the Everglades University Administrative Staff are available to answer any questions you may have and provide additional assistance.

Starting tomorrow we are also limiting campus visitor access to be by appt. only.   Students who need to see their financial aid officer, Dean, or other support staff will be able to schedule appointments and conduct these meetings via teleconference.  Students who need to access the library should do so via calling the campus to schedule an appointment.  In addition, all online courses contain a link to our online library for your convenience and use as well.

We commend our faculty and staff for their hard work in ensuring this quick transition went smoothly.  And we also appreciate the support of our students, who are amazing!  We are here to support you to ensure your academic progress is not interrupted and we will be providing you with regular updates!

Stay safe and please do not hesitate to contact our team should you need support or assistance; we are here for you!

Best regards,

Kristi Mollis

03/15/20 | 5PM

Students who are scheduled for class on Monday, 3/16/20 should report to class unless you are ill or experiencing extenuating circumstances, in which case please contact your campus.

Students will receive information and guidelines to transition to the Blackboard delivery system tomorrow. In addition your faculty members will be reaching out to you to assist with this transition.

For students scheduled for on campuses classes after Monday, you will receive important information via your EU student email account regarding this transition tomorrow.

As of Tuesday, 3/17/20 all on campus classes will be delivered online and students should NOT report to the campus.

Classes will be delivered via the online platform for the next two weeks of the March term, and then re-assessed. Please continue to monitor the Everglades University website for additional information. Your safety, well-being and the continuity of your education are a top priority. Please continue to monitor the Everglades University website for updates.

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