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Wake Vortices Studies Makes Flying Safer For You

Aviation Technology Planning in Educational Programs

Wake Vortices Research Shows the Path to Aviation Safety

While frequent flyers in the United States fear that federal budget cuts may compromise flight safety, European researchers are embarking on creating the latest aviation technology designed to make air travel not only safer, but more efficient as well.

What is SESAR?

The program, referred to as SESAR, will work to mitigate the hazards and delays caused by wake vortices, which are strong, spiraling air movements caused by planes taking off.

These vortices have caused multiple crashes in the past and are dangerous primarily because of their extensive reach and their inability to be seen by the naked eye.

Pilots who take off behind another plane are at risk of losing control over their aircrafts due to extreme turbulence caused by these vortices.


Currently, the aviation industry has a standard protocol for how many miles must separate their ascending aircraft, but SESAR could change all of that.

The project has commissioned mathematical models of determining the strength and breadth of vortices based on dynamic factors such as weather and wind conditions.

If the researchers can develop a more precise method of vortices measurement, then it could potentially mean more take-offs and less risk to passengers, clearly a win-win.

The success of the initiative is yet to be seen, and we may not have any real data until the project commences in 2016.

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