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What are the Different Types of Aviation Science Degrees?

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Everglades University was ranked as a 2020 Best College by Money Magazine and It came in as #2 for Top Performing schools on Social Mobility by 2020 US News and World Report Best Colleges. 

The sunny South Florida campus is ideal for professionals pursuing a career in aviation science. Not only did it see its last trace of snow in 1977, but Everglades University also has a strategic closeness to Cape Canaveral and the massive world of Floridian commercial aviation.  

Florida is the state with the second most aviation science jobs in the U.S.A according to

Florida is the state with the second most aviation science jobs in the U.S.A according to

Concentrations for our aviation science students include:


You will graduate with more than just technical know-how; these specializations mix theory with practice as part of a comprehensive education that will be valued anywhere. For those who already work in the aviation industry, you will gain an upgrade to your knowledge and a robust new set of credentials you may take with you wherever.

Let’s go over these concentrations and outline how they can benefit you.

Aviation Safety

Aviation safety deals with aircraft and passenger safety once a plane is in the air.

According to Lehigh University Mathematics Professor Frank Martin, there was an average of 141 passengers per international flight in 2017. The job of an airport aviation safety expert is a matter of utmost importance. Every time a plane takes off or touches down, there are hundreds of passengers and flight professionals whose lives depend on these safety pros doing a good job. 

The Aviation Safety concentration provides a set of specialized safety courses, such as Federal Aviation Regulations, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Safety Programs, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Introduction to Crisis and Disaster Management, and Terrorism and Homeland Security. 

Aviation Security Concentration

While specialization in security might sound similar to safety, these two career tracks deal with totally different issues. 

Since the passing of the Patriot Act by former U.S. President George Bush, which was meant to aid the fight against terrorism, airports have radically changed their security approach. This specialization is your opportunity to contribute to the detection, response, and prevention of loss of life and property within an airport. 

Specialized courses include Introduction to Aviation Security, Airport Security, Corporate Security, National Security Issues and Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Aviation, and Aviation and Airport Security.

Flight Operations

Flight operations professionals often have the best view of the airport. These jobs can take place either in the private sector or with the military. It shares some similarities with the aviation safety role but lies closer to a direct position of control over pilots and aircraft and further away from a skillset that deals with regulations. Operations courses focus less on learning about FAA rules and more on the science of modern flying transportation. 

If you intend to fly for commercial airlines or the corporate/private sector, this concentration would be appropriate. Specialized courses include Air Traffic Control, Aviation Meteorology, Physiology of Flight, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Engines, and Aircraft Systems.

View of the back of a man controlling an aviation map as he navigates a screen with moving detect technology

Flight operations and management are among the most exciting careers in aviation


Are you interested in business? This program emphasizes managerial accounting and other supervisor-level functions that will get you from employee to employer. On top of the general aviation courses, this curriculum focuses on mathematical principles and the psychology needed for sufficient human resource work. The skills you will learn with this program are easily translatable to many other fields. 

For those seeking a managerial or administrative role within the aviation industry, the Management concentration includes courses such as Accounting Principles I & II, Managerial Accounting and Financial Management, Airport Management, Relationship Management, and HR Management. 

Aviation Maintenance Management

There is the engineering-heavy aviation maintenance management track for students interested in how things are made. This role is also on a supervisor level, but it combines the technical with the managerial. 

It is only available to students with Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) credentials. 

If this sounds like you and you are looking to take on more responsibility within your organization, this program could be in your future. 

Aircraft Maintenance Worker and Engineer having Conversation while talking on a tablet

Aviation management, where you will learn about the operation of airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, and the aerospace industry.

The concentration includes courses such as Aircraft Engines, Aircraft Systems, Aviation Maintenance Management, Macroeconomics, Principles of Supervision, and Operations Management.

These positions are valuable because they do not only require a candidate to have technical knowledge but management experience as well. 

Aviation Operations Management

Sixty-three thousand people work at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. That makes this institution the largest employer in the entire state of Georgia. Running an airport requires an immense amount of work. On duty at Hartsfield-Jackson, there are engineers, EMTs, a rotating string of sales teams, and even a full-time wildlife biologist

The efficient operation of an airport requires many skill sets as well as management abilities.

Airport Operations Management concentration is for those seeking a position (or who already work) with commercial airlines, corporate flight departments, cargo operations, or for the airport authority. Specialized coursework includes Air Cargo, General Aviation Marketing Management, Airport Management, Operations Management, International Business, and Global Strategy and Policy.

Bachelor’s with an Unmanned Aerial Systems Concentration

The specialization in unmanned aerial systems hones in the fields of robotics and aviation operations. The FAA tightly regulates uncrewed vehicles in the United States.

Networks of crewless aerial vehicles are also known as UAVs or drones. For organizations, drones represent a new way of measuring and surveying, requiring a fraction of the costs associated with sleep, bathroom breaks, and training. 

The employers that make up the engine behind this growing job market include the military — every branch — and the private sector. This certification by Everglades University offers training in UAS Fundamentals, UAS Regulations, and UAS Sensing Systems. It also includes UAS Robotics and Software, UAS Special Topics, and UAS Global and Industrial Applications.

Master’s Degree in Aviation Science | Level Up With Us

Uniformed female pilot within the plane prepares for take-off in the plane cockpit.

A Master’s Degree in Aviation Science opens up many exciting career possibilities for graduates

Are you already a practicing aviation professional? The Master’s Degree in Aviation Science from Everglades University offers you a chance to prove your skill to present and future employers. 

This vigorous curriculum includes:

■ Intensive analysis of airway transportation systems

■ Airport operations

■ Aerospace communication systems

■ Aerospace logistics

■ Aircraft simulation

■ Advanced crew resource management procedures

■ Aerospace systems safety

■ Advanced security and safety program management


A master’s degree is a globally respected accolade that will boost your income and position by demonstrating to your future employers your commitment to advancement in the aviation industry.

The master’s program at Everglades University also features several concentrations, including Business Administration, Aviation Operations Management, or Aviation Security. Get started by requesting more information or applying today, and take the next step in your aviation career!

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