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In our ever-changing society, it is essential to choose a career field that allows continued growth. A degree in airport operations management is one of those growth opportunities.

There are a variety of jobs available to students earning a degree in airport operations management. Some of these involve working in airports, air traffic control centers, and various other aviation industry roles.

The International Air Transportation Administration believes air travel will be bouncing back strongly in the next few years. Hence, now is the perfect time to start your aviation operations college programming!

Overview of Airport/Aviation Operations as a Career

An airport operations manager having a phone call while standing next to a gate at the airport

It is essential to look for a program that offers courses that specialize in the area of aviation operations management that interests you.

It is essential to look for a program that offers courses that specialize in the area of aviation operations that interests you.

There are a couple of significant areas within the aviation operations career field that are continually needed. The airport’s operations, the flight crew, and the maintenance crew are all specific subsets within this field. It is essential to look for a college program that offers courses that specialize in what type of aviation operations interests you most.

Airport Operations

Operating the day-to-day management of an airport is one of the most common uses for this degree. There are many essential tasks needed to keep airports running smoothly. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation with a specialization in airport operations management would be a perfect choice.

Flight Operations

Flight operations is another area within aviation operations that someone may choose to specialize in. This concentration is specific for individuals holding pilot credentials who intent to fly for commercial airlines. Individuals usually capitalize on their aviation experience and combine it with this degree before applying for airline positions. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation with a concentration in flight operations would be the best choice in this case.

Aviation Operations Management

For a more rigorous aviation operations program, the Master’s Degree in Aviation Science with a concentration in Aviation Operations Management might be the right choice. This field requires students to gain a complete understanding of the aviation field and the technical requirements of working with systems. The in-depth knowledge and experience in aviation help students land higher positions in management within the aviation industry.

General Education Requirements

No matter which of the undergraduate programs in aviation you choose, there will be a general education component of your college program. These courses help you learn the basic skills necessary to function successfully in the working world.

Some standard core general education courses include:

  • English Composition
  • American Literature
  • Speech or Communications
  • Algebra
  • Computers
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Natural Science

Once you complete these entry-level courses, you can move on to some aviation-specific coursework. These courses are still early-level classes and help establish that this field is what you are looking to pursue.

Some general education aviation courses include:

  • Introduction to Aviation Security
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aviation Safety Programs
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Aviation and Airport Security
  • History of Aviation
  • Aviation Law and Regulations

Upper-Level Courses

Airplanes at a terminal of an airport.

Additional learning opportunities are present throughout your education when you enrol in a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation/aerospace.

Additional learning opportunities are present throughout your education when you enrol in a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation/aerospace.

By the time you have reached your undergraduate studies’ last two years or have entered your graduate program, most courses will be within the aviation field. These courses will be specific to your concentration, and your advisor will help you choose which ones fit your goals the best.

Some typical upper-level aviation operations courses include:

  • Aviation Marketing
  • Airport Management
  • Operations Management
  • Global Strategy and Policy
  • Corporate Aviation Operations
  • Aviation Human Factors
  • Project Management
  • Aviation Safety
  • Critical Thinking in Business
  • Aviation Labor Relations

Graduate students will further narrow their courses. The graduate-level coursework concentrates on management issues and learning. Some subjects may be more specific to airport operations while others more specific to industry-wide topics.

Some graduate-level courses students in aviation operations can expect to take include:

  • Airfield Operations and Management
  • Aviation Logistics Management
  • Contemporary Issues and Trends in Aviation
  • The Airway Transportation System
  • Aviation Safety Program management
  • Airline Operations

Whether completing a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree, additional learning opportunities are present throughout your education. At Everglades University, advisors can help you work toward the FAA certifications you want to get, internships, and job opportunities. Your coursework will culminate in a capstone course that will additionally help you show off your area of specialty.

Getting Started at Everglades University

Gathering details about your future education is a great way to get started on the next step in your aviation operations career. Talking with the school can help answer questions and allow you to get a clear picture of what the next steps are for you. Everglades University offers advisors online, in person, and over the phone who are ready to talk with you today.

Seeking an undergraduate or upper-level degree in aviation operations allows you to build the career of your dreams. Don’t linger with making this decision. You can submit an inquiry online right now and get started.

With anticipated growth in the aviation industry between commercial and industrial carriers, now is undoubtedly the best time to get started on your degree. Contact Everglades University, and we will help walk you through enrolling and registering for your bachelor or master’s degree program today!

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